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VIDEO: Lauderdale Lakes Suspect Beats Deputy, Gets Smoked

A Broward County deputy fatally shot a suspect who attacked him and his partner.

Lauderdale Lakes, FL – A video was released Friday which showed a Broward County deputy fatally shooting a suspect who attacked him and his partner.

The incident happened on Wednesday at around 4:50 p.m., when Deputy Sean Youngward responded to a report of a disturbance at an apartment complex, according to SunSentinel.

Sheriff Scott Israel said that Jean Pierre met Deputy Youngward at the apartment door, and the deputy was “overwhelmed by the superior size and strength” of Pierre.

Pierre repeatedly struck the deputy, who tried to back up and de-escalate.

“Settle down,” Deputy Youngward said while he was under attack. “You tell me what’s wrong here. Just tell me, what is wrong?”

Deputy Youngward attempted to use his Taser, which had no effect on Pierre. The deputy then took out his baton, but was taken down by a hit from Pierre.

As the deputy was on the ground, Pierre grabbed the deputy’s leg and repeatedly kicked him.

“Let go of my leg, sir!” Deputy Youngward could be heard saying on the video.

“When police officers and deputies act appropriately, we do not decide the use of force,” Sheriff Israel said. “The amount of force that is exhibited is decided by the suspect that we’re trying to bring into custody or the person that we’re trying to help. He did everything he could to save himself and to end this confrontation. Mr. Pierre grabbed his leg and the deputy was basically rendered helpless.”

The deputy called for backup as a man recorded the incident on his cell phone and pleaded with the man to let the deputy go, saying, “Turn him loose, dog! Don’t get yourself in trouble…. They’re gonna shoot you man, they’re gonna shoot you, bro.”

Deputy Steven Briggs arrived and ordered Pierre to stop attacking Deputy Youngward. Pierre kicked the downed deputy some more, and then moved in towards Deputy Briggs.

“Mr. Pierre chose the path of non-compliance,” Sheriff Israel said, adding that Pierre “charged at Deputy Briggs. Deputy Briggs had his firearm. He shot three times.”

Deputy Briggs has been placed on leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the shooting. After the investigation is complete, a grand jury will decide if the deputy should be indicted.

“Deputy Briggs didn’t ask for this,” Sheriff Israel said. “This is something that happened in a split second that he was forced to deal with… We will honor whatever verdict the grand jury comes to.”

You can see multiples videos of the shooting below. WARNING: Graphic Content.

OfficerBlue - December Sat, 2017


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