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VIDEO: Knife-Wielding Suspect Taken Down By Perfect Taser Shot

Tuttle police officers deployed a Taser on David Grizzle in order to take him into custody after he crashed his Honda.

Tuttle, OK – Police released bodycam footage of the arrest of a suspect who had just led officers on a 30-mile chase (video below).

The incident began on March 4 when Oklahoma City police officers tried to make a traffic stop on 38-year-old David Grizzle in his Honda, KFOR reported.

But Grizzle refused to stop and instead took off and led police on a chase that went for more than 30 miles at speeds that exceeded 100 mph.

Police said he threw two bags of methamphetamine out the window as he drove down Interstate 240, KWTV reported.

Grizzle then went south on Interstate 44 and Newcastle police took over the chase from Oklahoma City PD.

He ran over the stop sticks police had put across the road and punctured his tires, but that still didn’t stop the speeding suspect, KWTV reported.

Officials said that two police cars that also ran over the stop sticks had to be taken out of service.

Grizzle took Highway 37 into Tuttle and crashed off Southeast 4th and East Main Streets, KWTV reported.

At that point, the Tuttle police took over and attempted to take the driver into custody at the scene of his wreck.

“Considering the speeds that were reached and the presence of a weapon on his part, it could have gone very poorly for a lot of people,” Tuttle Police Major Michael Scott said.

Police said that Tuttle got out of his car with a knife in his hand, KFOR reported.

Bodycam video showed Grizzle walking away from officers while an officer repeatedly ordered him to “put the knife down!”

But Grizzle kept walking and officers followed, both on foot and in a police cruiser.

At one point Grizzle turned back toward the officers but the officer yelled at him not to walk towards them.

So the video showed the suspect turned around and began walking away again.

The officers coordinated a less-lethal plan and an officer with a Taser attempted to approach Grizzle, the video showed.

“Let’s Tase him. Tase him. Take him down. I got your cover,” an officer said in the video.

Grizzle looked back over his shoulder briefly but did not stop, and the officer deployed the Taser successfully.

The video showed Grizzle fell to the ground screaming, and several officers rushed over to help put him in handcuffs.

Bodycam showed an officer bending over to pick up Grizzle’s knife that had landed a few feet away when he fell.

Grizzle continued to resist arrest but was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

“We didn’t want him going towards any homes,” Major Scott told KFOR. “You go back in there, there’s alleys. Places he could, if he decided to run, he could hide.”

“If he had chosen to charge officers or something like that, it could have been a far worse outcome,” he said.

The police report showed that officers field tested Grizzle for meth and the results were positive, KOKH reported.

Grizzle was charged with eluding a police officer, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, endangerment, and traffic violations, KFOR reported.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County jail.

Watch video of his arrest here below:

Sandy Malone - March Mon, 2020


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