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VIDEO: Knife-Wielding Man Shot By Deputy While Trying To Steal Patrol Car

A Sonoma County sheriff's deputy shot an armed robber who tried to steal his patrol vehicle.

Santa Rosa, CA – Newly-released bodycam video showed a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy shooting an armed robbery suspect who was trying to steal his police vehicle (video below).

The incident occurred after police responded to a call about a man who had tried to stab an employee while he was stealing a pair of shoes from Macy’s at the Santa Rose Mall at about 5:38 p.m. on Aug. 1, The Mercury News reported.

The audio recording of the store employee’s call to 911 showed that he told the dispatcher that the suspect was carrying a red bag and wearing a brown jacket, with shoes he had just stolen from the store.

“And, uh, we stopped him because we’re Macy’s asset protection, and he’s wearing our shoes, and then he just attempted to stab my manager,” the employee explained. “He’s in the parking garage right now.”

The employee said the suspect was carrying a pocket knife.

“He literally tried to kill us,” the employee told 911. “He literally tried to kill us, ma’am. Like he tried to stab us in the neck.”

Sonoma County Deputy David Edney spotted the suspect – later identified as 42-year-old Brad Baymon of Minnesota – walking down the sidewalk on Morgan Street, The Mercury News reported.

Bodycam video showed that Deputy Edney got out of his patrol vehicle and left it running in the street as he approached Baymon and threatened to tase him if he didn’t get on the ground.

Baymon walked past the deputy and kept going, the video showed.

So the deputy deployed his Taser at the suspect’s back.

But the prongs hit Baymon’s jacket and had no effect on him, the video showed.

The suspect looked annoyed and dropped his bag on the ground.

Then he turned and walked away from Deputy Edney, heading directly for the deputy’s patrol vehicle, the video showed.

Baymon hopped inside the SUV, which sat running with its driver door standing wide open.

“No, no, no!” Deputy Edney yelled as he reached to stop Baymon from closing the driver’s door.

He managed to pry it open and tugged at the suspect briefly before he backed up and took aim at the driver’s door with his weapon, the video showed.

“Get out here,” the deputy yelled.

Baymon waved his knife at the deputy and once again pulled the door closed as if to take off, KNTV reported.

That’s when Deputy Edney opened fire, shooting six times through the driver’s door window.

Baymon was struck three times, according to KNTV.

Backup arrived shortly thereafter and additional officers assisted Deputy Edney in disarming Baymon, who was talking to them from inside the deputy’s SUV, the video showed.

Deputy Edney didn’t try to sugarcoat what led up to the officer-involved shooting, the video showed.

“I f–king tried to tase him. I tried to tase him again and he f–king bolted toward my car – I left it exposed like an idiot – and jumped right in, so…” the deputy explained to a Santa Rose police officer on the scene.

“As soon as I tried to open the door on him he f–king tried – it looked like he was trying to go for the knife again – so I backed up, he closed it and he was trying to put it in drive and I just shot him,” Deputy Edney continued in the video. “I was like, he’s not taking my f–king car… he just tried to stab somebody. I got my gun in there, my rifle.

“I just feel like an idiot,” he admitted.

A moment later the video showed another Santa Rosa police officer announced that Baymon had just “said his name was God.”

Then a sergeant from sheriff’s office arrived on the scene, the video showed.

He instructed Deputy Edney to turn off his bodycam and call his wife, and the video ended.

Baymon was struck in the torso by the deputy’s bullets and was transported to the hospital, where he was treated and is recovering, KNTV reported.

Police said a knife was recovered from the floorboard of the deputy’s SUV.

Baymon will be booked into the Sonoma County jail when he is released from the hospital, according to KNTV.

Deputy Edney, a five-year veteran of the sheriff’s department, was placed on administrative leave during the investigation of the incident, as is protocol for officer-involved shootings, The Mercury News reported.

The deputy worked for another law enforcement agency in the Bay Area for several years before joining Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Watch the bizarre incident unfold in the video below:

Sandy Malone - August Thu, 2019


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