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VIDEO: Inmate Suddenly Attacks Deputy, Loses Fight As More Inmates Jump In

Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Guzman subdued Hayden Davis with the help of other inmates.

Hillsboro, OR – A Washington County Jail inmate is heading to prison for over six years, after he attacked a sheriff’s deputy inside the detention center in March (video below).

Hayden Davis, 27, was arrested in February, after he used a hammer to smash out the sliding glass window of a Beaverton home during a burglary, KPTV reported.

He was hauled off to the Washington County Jail, where he attacked Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Guzman in late March, according to KGW.

“There had been no history between us. No disciplinary action at any point,” Deputy Guzman later said.

“I don’t think I learned his name until about 40 minutes after the incident,” he told KPTV.

Jail security footage showed Deputy Guzman as he was sitting at a desk in the center of the jail pod.

The deputy said he was working an overtime shift that day, and that approximately 50 inmates were milling around the pod during their free time period, KGW reported.

That’s when he took note of Davis, who was suspiciously circling his desk.

“Every time he passed in front of my desk, he would just stare at me,” Deputy Guzman told KGW. “I greeted him once and he didn’t say anything back.”

A second later, Davis suddenly charged at the seated deputy and grabbed him by his head, security footage showed.

Deputy Guzman shoved himself backwards in the chair as Davis punched him in the side of his head with his right fist.

The deputy jumped to his feet and managed to quickly maneuver himself away from his attacker for a moment, but Davis came at him yet again.

Deputy Guzman delivered a strong right-handed blow to the inmate’s head, momentarily knocking him off his feet.

The deputy later explained that Davis was armed with a wooden tongue depressor, which amplified the punch to Deputy Guzman’s face, KPTV reported.

When the deputy backed away, Davis scrambled to his feet and charged at him for a third time, the video showed.

The inmate delivered a series of wild punches as he continued to back Deputy Guzman towards a nearby doorway.

That’s when another inmate jumped into the fray and helped tackle Davis to the ground, the video showed.

Other inmates moved in and repositioned Davis’ feet to help the deputy place his attacker into handcuffs.

Deputy Guzman suffered minor injuries during the attack, including swelling to his upper left eye and scratches and cuts to his face, KPTV reported.

He said he has since made a full recovery.

“I’m good. No issues,” he told KGW.

Deputy Guzman said that the attack occurred so abruptly, he didn’t have time to feel afraid.

“A lot of people ask me if I was in fear at that point,” he told KGW. “Honestly, it happened so quick there wasn’t much time to react to fear.”

Davis was sentenced to over six years in prison on Wednesday for the burglary and the attack on Deputy Guzman, KPTV reported.

The court also imposed a two-year period of community supervision to commence after he is released from prison.

You can watch security footage of Davis’ brazen attack on Deputy Guzman in the video below:

Holly Matkin - October Thu, 2019


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