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VIDEO: Gunmen Assassinate Officer Who Arrested Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’s’ Son

Security cameras captured the moment when gunmen jumped out of a car and opened fire on the Mexican police officer.

Culiacan, Sinaloa, MEXICO – A Mexican police officer responsible for briefly arresting the son of former international drug lord “El Chapo” was executed by multiple gunmen outside a shopping center on Wednesday (video below).

The officer, a six-year veteran-of-the-force identified only as 32-year-old Eduardo, was shot more than 150 times, The Sun reported.

Security footage showed the officer as he parked his white car outside a strip mall.

A red vehicle drove into the parking lot just behind him, and parked next to him on his driver’s side.

Someone inside the red car immediately fired at the officer’s vehicle just before two more gunmen jumped out and ran over to the officer’s car, the video showed.

They fired over 150 rounds in mere seconds, then fled the scene, the video showed.

It was unclear whether the officer, who was armed, was on duty or off-duty at the time of his murder, The Sun reported.

The officer was most recently assigned to security detail for Public Security Undersecretary Carlos Alberto Hernandez Leyva, according to the Daily Star.

He was married and had at least one child, The Sun reported.

Investigators have not confirmed that the cartel or any other criminal gang was involved in Officer Eduardo’s death, but said they are investigating the potential connection.

The officer was one of more than 30 Mexican agents who attempted to serve an arrest warrant for 28-year-old Ovidio “Little Chapo” Guzman Lopez at a house in the Sinaloa state on Oct. 17, the New York Post reported.

Guzman Lopez is the son of narcotics kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, who is serving a life sentence in the United States for his role in a violent, massive drug-trafficking empire that funneled billions of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs into the U.S. for nearly three decades, according to the New York Post.

Prosecutors estimated that Guzman was responsible for shipping over 200 tons of cocaine to the U.S. during that time, and said he had also carried out a slew of brutal murders and political payoffs, NBC News reported.

Guzman Lopez has allegedly taken over his father’s drug trafficking empire, and is currently the fifth-most-wanted fugitive in the world, The Sun reported.

When agents arrived at the residence to arrest Guzman Lopez, they immediately came under fire, The New York Post reported.

They managed to get inside the home and briefly captured the kingpin’s son, but the Sinaloa cartel launched a brutal response that involved numerous military-grade weapons, the Washington Examiner reported.

Video from the fierce gun battle showed criminals armed with high-caliber sniper rifles, light machine guns, a bazooka, and customized rifles outgunning the Mexican authorities.

Vehicles were set ablaze as gunman released torrents of bullets across the city, killing eight people and wounding at least 20 more.

The cartel also took two officers and nine soldiers as hostages, according to the Daily Mail.

Thugs atop vehicles with mounted weapons took control of the city until Mexico President Andres Manuel López Obrador ordered police to release Guzmán Lopez, KFOX reported.

After he was released, the cartel also released the officers and military personnel, according to the Daily Mail.

Critics argued that by turning Guzman Lopez loose, the government only emboldened the cartel.

“This decision was taken to protect citizens,” the Mexican president said, according to Newsweek. “You cannot fight fire with fire. We do not want deaths. We do not want war.”

On Monday, the cartel attacked three vehicles filled with women and children as they were traveling to a wedding.

The victims were all part of a Mormon community of U.S.-Mexican dual citizens who were traveling from Bavispe, Sonora to attend a wedding in Janos, Chihuahua, CNN reported.

Reports said that the incident occurred after one of the vehicles, driven by Maria Ronita LeBaron, got a flat tire and the other two vehicles turned back to get help, The Washington Post reported.

As they waited for help to return, the vehicle was attacked by cartel members who slaughtered Maria Ronita LeBaron and her four children, including six-month-old twin babies.

When the other two vehicles returned, they were ambushed, The Washington Post reported.

Several children escaped from the attack, but more were murdered. Some of the victims are still missing.

A man related to some of the victims said that three women, four small children, and two infants were murdered.

“Women and children – between 14 years old and 10 months – were massacred, burnt alive,” Alex LeBaron told CNN. “Mothers were screaming for the fire to stop.”

He said seven injured children had been airlifted to Douglas, Arizona and transported to Tucson hospitals, CNN reported.

On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump called on Mexico to “wage war” against the cartels who have been tormenting their country.

“If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters, the United States stands ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively,” President Trump tweeted. “The great new President of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful that you sometimes need an army to defeat an army!”

López Obrador thanked President Trump for offering to help but said his country would pursue the criminals with “independence and sovereignty,” The Washington Post reported.

Watch security footage of the fatal attack on the officer in the video below:

Holly Matkin - November Fri, 2019


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