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VIDEO: Group Stabs Trump Supporters Just Blocks From White House

Washington, DC – A livestreamed video captured the moment a group of Trump supporters were attacked by knife-wielding group a few blocks from the White House early Wednesday morning after they intervened to help an elderly man who had been targeted (video below).

The incident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 4 when black, pro-Trump activist Bevelyn Beatty and Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio were walking with friends in the 1400-block of New York Avenue, NW, after celebrating election night at Harry’s Pub.

Beatty, who is best known for having been arrested after she painted over the Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower in New York City multiple times, filmed a video from her hospital bed a few hours later that told the story in great detail.

She said the group was headed to Black Lives Matter plaza to meet up with friends when they saw an elderly man being targeted by a group she called “thugs.”

“We were not looking for any type of opportunity for confrontation tonight,” Beatty explained in her video. “We were literally just walking together and talking.”

Beatty explained that her friends had sat down to listen to President Donald Trump make an announcement when they saw an elderly white man in a business suit.

She said in her video that he looked like he was headed home from an election night event.

Beatty said that as she and her friends watched, “three young black kids walk up on him and start to taunt him…”

She said that confrontation started out verbal but they could tell the kids were about to attack the elderly man, so they intervened before the older man could be hurt.

“So all of us see what’s happening, we run over there to tell the kids to stop, leave the man alone. And the kids grab us though and start attacking us. They grab us and start hitting us,” Beatty said from her hospital bed.

One of the women with Beatty filmed the altercation on her cell phone and captured a violent struggle between their friends and the elderly man’s predators.

Beatty said that a woman with the Black Lives Matter attackers grabbed her by the hair and then stabbed her multiple times.

“These kids – and then one of the guys said ‘yeah, this is what I was looking for’ – these kids came out to fight. They came out looking for mischief tonight. Okay?” she explained in her video.

“And why am I telling y’all this now? Because this is the problem. Black Lives Matter gives our people – our young kids in these inner cities – a reason to just attack,” Beatty said.

The video showed the group fighting on the sidewalk, and then one of Trump supporters walked out of the fray and toward the camera holding his neck.

The friend filming appeared not to know that her friend had been stabbed and she encouraged him to get back in the fight, the video showed.

“You gotta help him,” she said, referring to their friend still in the fight.

“I’m bleeding,” he replied in the video.

“I know but you gotta help ‘em,” she told him.

That was about the same time that the people fighting broke apart and the attackers started to walk away, the video showed.

Beatty was bleeding badly from her back after the attack and her friends called 911 for an ambulance.

One of the men with her started to go after the attackers but the other friends called him back, the video showed.

The video showed pools of blood in spots on the sidewalk.

That’s when the man who had said he was bleeding before appeared on camera again.

“I don’t know if I was stabbed or not,” he told the woman filming.

“Were you stabbed or punched?” she asked without looking at him.

“I don’t know. With the amount of blood that came out,” he began.

That’s when the woman filming took a look at her bleeding friend.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed in the video. “You’ve got tons of blood coming out of your neck!”

Then she yelled for one of their friends to summon an ambulance and told everybody their friend had been badly cut.

Beatty said the whole incident felt crazy to her because she and her friends were actually being careful and had just stopped to help somebody else when they were viciously attacked.

“The people who stabbed me were not just Black Lives Matter kids… listen to me, these kids came out to do one thing and one thing only – destroy,” Beatty said in her video.

“These kids came out strategically to fight, to attack. Okay?” she continued. “And they were looking for anything they could get their hands on. I think they were planning on robbing that man.”

“These was not just regular Black Lives Matter kids, these were kids from the hood,” she explained in the video. “These are the kids that BLM protects. These are the kids that are dangerous and violent and don’t care about nobody but themselves.”

“Let me explain something to you all,” Beatty continued. “Black Lives Matter protects these kids who are dangerous. The kids who stabbed me looked just like me. The kids who stabbed me were probably blacker than me. Okay? They stabbed me in my back. One girl came and stabbed me in my back as I’m pulling another girl off of me. Why? Y’all know I’m not violent okay? But I will defend myself.”

She said she was stabbed in her back three times and the wounds collapsed one of her lungs.

Beatty said her liver also sustained damage from one of the cuts.

“They came out looking to hurt people,” she said in the video.

Beatty said that Black Lives Matter wanted to challenge the way police are doing their jobs but they refuse to address or correct the problems with black-on-black crime.

“Mind you, the city was locked down – police everywhere. And these kids still didn’t care,” she explained. “We was right by the police. They didn’t care. Y’all, this has to change. I have never, in all of my time, I have never experienced something like this simply by doing nothing.”

Beatty said that the wrong people are being blamed for crimes in the black community.

“Know the police do care – don’t say the police don’t care, the police do care,” she lectured in her video. “The problem is you people talk about the police day and night but you never address the violence in our communities. Y’all scream up and down about what a white man or white cop does to black people but you will never address the violence in the black community.”

“Because it was three young black kids from the hood who stabbed us tonight,” the black, pro-Trump activist continued. That’s the problem. When are you all gonna address them?”

“Now when they get shot by the cops, you wanna make them martyrs. You wanna put up RIPs for them, but they’re the one that are dangerous. They don’t have any home training, they’re ruthless, and they don’t care. And they will do anything to you – old, young, it doesn’t matter to them – but yet Black Lives Matter will protect young kids like that and call me a ‘coon?’” Beatty ranted in her video.

“They’re thugs but BLM protects thugs… that’s what they’ll do. Til you can’t even walk down the street of Washington DC your nation’s capital without young kids rolling up on you trying to hurt you. That’s crazy,” she said.

DC Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Ralph Neal announced early Wednesday morning that the victims of the attack were members of the Proud Boys and the suspects were with Black Lives Matter, WUSA reported.

Black Lives Matter activists expressed outraged at being blamed in the attack and hours later, Lt. Neal retracted that statement and said police were unable to confirm the victims’ or suspects’ affiliations.

However, the chairman of the Proud Boys – Enrique Tarrio – has confirmed that he was one of the people involved in the brawl, the Daily Mail reported.

And Beatty very clearly identified her attackers as Black Lives Matter in her video.

The woman who filmed the video of the attack has been identified as Jen Loh, former president of Latinos for Trump, the Daily Mail reported.

Police are searching for two men and one woman featured on the video in connection with the stabbings, WRC reported.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content and Obscene Language:

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