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VIDEO: G.I. Joe Wannabe, Dan Bilzerian, Tries To Get Cop’s Gun At Las Vegas Shooting, Claims He’s A

Las Vegas, NV - SEAL washout Dan Bilzerian has collected almost 23 million Instagram followers by claiming to be some sort of badass operator to all of his fans.

However, Bilzerian was present during the Las Vegas shooting and showed his true colors as he had somebody record him running around, watching people die without helping them, and trying to take a gun while impersonating a police officer (video below.)

In a Facebook video, Medal of Honor recipient and Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer called out SEAL washout Dan Bilzerian for his social media posts about his alleged actions at Sunday’s Las Vegas mass shooting

In response, Bilzerian called Sgt. Meyer a “retard”, according to Popular Military.

The feud began after Bilzerian’s video was posted where where he claimed that he saw a woman get shot in the head, and didn’t stop to help her.

“This girl just got shot in the fucking  head,” he said while running.

Sgt. Meyer said:

“This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos.  Dan Bilzerian [,] this is what kills me about people like you. Always playing ‘operator dress up’ and so so tough when the cameras are on. 

A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming[.]  that’s not what operators do.  Please stop trying to be someone ‘your’ not.  People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting.”

After Bilzerian posted his videos, he became an Internet sensation, with many articles, memes, and other similar content that documented his ordeal.

In response to Sgt. Meyer, Bilzerian filmed another video, where he said, “So I wake up this morning, and the news is talking shit.  Some Marine saying that I was a pussy for running away and that I should have stood my ground when I got a guy shooting at me with a machine gun. 

So, I mean, if we follow that retard’s logic, we’d probably have, you know 600 dead if everybody stood their ground instead of running for cover.”

Bilzerian is a Navy veteran who never saw a day of combat; he also washed out of SEAL training after several attempts.  After Sgt. Meyer’s response, he then went online and claimed he went back to grab firearms and then stayed in the area for three hours.

And indeed, Bilzerian’s video does show him trying to grab firearms – from a police officer who responded to the shooting.

“Get the fuck away from me right now!” the officer shouter at Bilzerian

Bilzerian responded, “I’m a cop!”

“I don’t care! I don’t know who you are,” the officer replied.

Blizerian claims to have five years as a reserve officer, although his alleged agency isn’t known. In most areas, reserve officers have no law enforcement authority when they are not actively working, and their limited authority doesn’t carry over into different jurisdictions.

If his claim of being a reserve officer is true, that would mean that he remained a reserve officer throughout his criminal conviction and a series of scandals which would generally result in termination. We’ve been unable to verify his claims.

In December 2014 he was arrested Los Angeles International Airport on bomb making charges, according to Daily Mail. Bilzerian and a friend made a homemade explosive and placed it under a tractor trailer cab, before detonating it. The explosion started a wildfire, which Bilzerian failed to extinguish.

He later pleaded no contest to ‘negligently failing to extinguish a fire in the open.’

In August 2014 he was banned from a Miami nightclub after allegedly kicking model Vanessa Castano in the head. Police were unable to obtain enough evidence to support criminal charges, but the model filed a $1 million lawsuit against him.

In April 2015, Bilzerian threw a naked porn actress from a roof into a pool, which broke her foot, according to Daily Mail.

Bilzerian responded to criticism from Sgt. Meyer saying, “they publish some fucking guy’s account, sitting behind a laptop fucking typing trying to get his five minutes of fame.  He’s there blogging about me while I’m fucking delivering 8,000 pounds of food and water to Vegas and going to hospitals. What the fuck is he doing?

Where Bilzerian brags online, claiming to be awesome, Sgt. Meyer’s actions during battle in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, contradict Bilzerian’s reference to him as ‘some Marine’ and a ‘retard’.

During the mission, a patrol was ambushed by more than 30 enemy fighters who were firing RPGs, mortars, and machine guns from houses and fortified positions above.  When then Cpl. Meyer heard that four U.S. team members were cut off, he took the exposed gunner’s position in a gun-truck, with another Marine driving.

They drove down the steep terrain in an attempt to disrupt the attack and locate the trapped U.S. patrol team.  Enemy fire focused on their gun-truck, and Cpl. Meyer killed a number of enemy fighters, some at near point blank rage.

Cpl. Meyer and his driver made three trips by themselves in the ambush area.  During the first two trips, they evacuated 24 Afghan soldiers, many of them wounded.

After a machine gun became inoperable, they got another gun-truck and drove back into the area where they provided support for the remaining Afghan soldiers.

They took a third gun-truck and made two more trips to recover more wounded Afghan soldiers and to search for the missing U.S. team, all while Cpl. Meyer had a shrapnel wound to his arm.

On the fifth trip in, he got out of the vehicle, located, and recovered the bodies of his team members.

His citation for the medal said that, “Meyer’s daring initiative and bold fighting spirit throughout the 6-hour battle significantly disrupted the enemy’s attack and inspired the members of the combined force to fight on.”

TMZ reports that Bilzerian was also recorded rummaging through a police car in an attempt to locate a firearm.

You can see the wannabe G.I. Joe try to take an officer’s gun below:

OfficerBlue - October Mon, 2017


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