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VIDEO: Fur Missile Takes Down Violent Fugitive Twice In Same Arrest

Moses Lake Police K9 Rex stopped a violent fugitive from escaping arrest twice on Thursday.

Moses Lake, WA – A domestic violence suspect made a run for it and was captured by Moses Lake Police K9 Rex twice on Thursday night (video below).

The incident began at about 6:37 p.m. on Sept. 19 when Grant County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of Maple Drive for a domestic violence incident involving 30-year-old Timothy Riggins, according to a post on the Moses Lake Police Department’s official Facebook page.

Riggins fled the scene when police arrived.

Police said Riggins had an outstanding warrant and had previously been convicted of violent crimes.

Moses Lake Police Officer Brad Zook was in the area with his partner, K9 Rex, when the call went out and they spotted Riggins running, KHQ reported.

Officer Zook gave Riggins multiple warnings and orders to stop running, but the fugitive continued to flee.

So the officer released K9 Rex.

Bodycam video showed K9 Rex tore across a field to catch up with Riggins just as he climbed atop some stacks of sheetrock.

Riggins screamed in agony as K9 Rex held onto his leg, but he didn’t stop scrambling as the dog held him til his human partner caught up.

The video showed he went over the side of the stack and hung there, he foot in K9 Rex’s teeth.

Officer Zook told Riggins to stay put and released the dog’s hold on his foot, warning that if he took off again he would get bitten.

But that didn’t stop the wanted man and he took off once again in a mad dash that lasted only seconds before he was taken down again by K9 Rex, the video showed.

The police department’s description of the series of events highlighted the K9 officer’s superior skillset.

“After giving Riggins warnings to stop, Ofc. Zook released K9 Rex, who, not surprisingly, is much faster than Riggins and caught him quickly,” they posted to Facebook. “K9 Rex took Riggins down on top of a stack of sheetrock, and waited patiently for Ofc. Zook to catch up.”


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“When Ofc. Zook arrived, Riggins was begging for the dog to be taken off him,” the post continued. “Ofc. Zook took K9 Rex off the bite, but as soon as he was released, Riggins pulled away and off of the stack of sheetrock. Despite warnings to the contrary, Riggins stood up and began to run away again.”

“Oddly enough, K9 Rex won this race as well, tackling Riggins rather quickly and ending the failed escape attempt,” the police department observed.

Watch K9 Rex catch the suspect twice in a row:

Sandy Malone - September Tue, 2019


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