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VIDEO: Fugitive Pulls Gun On Cop As She Fights For Her Life

Lakemoor Police Officer Brianna Tedesco fought for her life when Kenneth Martell tried to shoot her.

Lakemoor, IL – Police have released dashcam and bodycam videos that show a Lakemoor police officer fighting for her life with a man who was wanted for murder in Pennsylvania (video below).

The incident began just before 5 a.m. on July 26, 2018, when Lakemoor Police Officer Brianna Tedesco spotted an SUV backed onto a gravel path, with its lights off, on the east side of the Lakemoor Golf Club, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Officer Tedesco activated her emergency lights, her dashcam, and her bodycam before she got out of her police vehicle and approached the SUV.

There she found 36-year-old Kenneth Martell, who was lying back in the driver’s seat when she shined her flashlight into his car, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Martell told the officer that his name was “James Dunkin” and that he was from Pennsylvania and headed out west.

Dashcam video released by the Lakemoor Police Department showed he handed Officer Tedesco a piece of paper to distract her.

Then he pulled out a gun, pointed it at Officer Tedesco, and pulled the trigger, the Chicago Tribune reported.

But the gun didn’t fire.

The video showed Officer Tedesco grabbed onto the gun and fought Martell for control of it for 20 seconds.

In the video, Officer Tedesco repeatedly screams “No!” and tries to reach her radio to call for help.

She also begged Martell not to shoot her as they fought for control of his weapon, the video showed.

Then the video showed a second officer arrived on the scene and ran up to help Officer Tedesco.

When Officer Tedesco saw Lakemoor Police Officer Anthony Loiacono with his weapon raised, she let go of Martell and stepped back from his SUV.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Martell raised both hands, with a weapon in each of them, and Officer Loiacono shot him.

Martell was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

After the incident, police learned that Martell was a wanted fugitive, who was suspected of beating and stabbing an 88-year-old man to death three days earlier in Beaver Township, Pennsylvania.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Martell abducted other people after murdering the octogenarian and forced them at gunpoint to help him throw the body in a lake.

A warrant was issued for Martell, and family members warned authorities that Martell was using drugs, including methamphetamine.

Lake County State’s Attorney Michael G. Nerheim said that Martell had told his loved ones that “cops were going to kill him over a drug bust” and he was “not going down without a fight.”

Nerheim said Officer Tedesco’s “quick actions and fight for the gun allowed additional time for her partner to arrive at the scene. Her partner was then able to end this deadly confrontation. The acts of these two skilled officers were masterful and indicative of two people acting in self-defense,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Retreat was not an option,” he said “With both officers within feet of a man armed with two handguns, only one option remained for the officers: To defend themselves.”

You can see the fight in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content:

Sandy Malone - April Fri, 2019


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