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VIDEO: Fugitive Faceplants During Tasing After Fighting Cops

Dustin Avery Williams resisted arrest and got tased by police at the Mall of Abilene.

Abilene, TX – A video of a man stiffening like a board mid-air after being tased by police at the Mall of Abilene on Tuesday has gone viral (video below).

The incident began when police responded to a criminal trespass call from the Lowe’s on Ridgemont Drive on Oct. 17, KTXS reported.

Officers located the suspect in the mall, but initially, he lied to officers about his name and said he was Jason McHaffey from Dallas.

Dispatchers didn’t get a return on the identification for that name, and the Texas Department of Public Safety had no record of the Social Security number the man provided, so the man was released.

But moments later they learned he had lied about his name, and that 38-year-old Dustin Avery Williams had a warrant for his arrest on a theft dating back to last Halloween.

So, they followed him over to the mall to arrest him.

The video filmed by a witness showed Williams arguing with two police officers inside the mall.

One of the officers said he would tase Williams if he did not cooperate and the man went off, the video showed.

“What are you tasing me for?” he asked as he began wrestling with police in an effort to escape. “I ain’t got no f–kin warrant, man.”

In the video, Williams fought with the officers, and even threw one of them to the ground as he tried to flee.

The second officer was on his tail with his Taser drawn, the video showed.

Williams managed to get almost across the mall before he was hit by the Taser’s prongs.

In the video, his arms flew up and forward and he took off like Superman.

Then he hit the tile floor and stopped moving.

The officer who tased him was on top of him quickly to apply handcuffs, and Williams was taken into custody without further incident, the video showed.

“Don’t move or you’ll get tased again,” the officer warned him.

After his arrest, Williams was transported to Abilene Regional Medical Center to be checked out before he was taken to jail, KTXS reported.

He was charged with failure to ID, resisting arrest, and the outstanding warrant for theft dating back to Oct. 31, 2017.

Taylor County Jail records showed that Williams has been arrested 40 times since 1998, and had two prior theft convictions, KTXS reported.

The outstanding warrant was for the theft of a $9.72 bottle of bodywash from a grocery store.

You can see the fight in the video below:

Sandy Malone - October Wed, 2018


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