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VIDEO: Four People Flee, Attack Deputy, Blame Him For ‘Starting’ It

A Michigan deputy pulled over a vehicle and was attacked by the passengers.

Mount Clemens, Mich. – Four people were arrested and charged after fighting with Macomb County sheriff’s deputies after a deputy pulled over their vehicle (video below).

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said that if they had cooperated “everybody would have went home that night.”

Sheriff Wickersham said his deputies acted appropriately during the incident, and released 29 minutes of dashcam and bodycam video to the media on Tuesday, MLive.com reported.

The sheriff’s department said the incident began when an officer pulled over a vehicle on Dec. 6 because it looked like someone threw narcotics out the window, according to WJBK-TV.

A passenger immediately got out of the car and began to walk away from the deputy, according to Sergeant Renee Yax of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy caught 22-year-old Jonathan Hadley, but then 19-year-old Yahaira Elisea-Moreno attacked the deputy.

“She was on his back, pulling at his clothing, scratching him,” Sgt. Yax said.

Then Hadley’s brother, Jordan Herrod, 20, exited the home in front of which the car was stopped, and struck the deputy and pushed him into shrubs, according to The Detroit News.

Police said Herrod got on top of the deputy and struck him as he was in the shrubbery.

“He runs at the deputy, pushes him over and he starts striking him as well,” Sgt. Yax said. “It is very scary to think that we would have anyone in our communities who would want to attack us like that.”

Police said a second deputy arrived and began to assist the first deputy with the other three people from the stopped vehicle.

Several more individuals exited the home and began yelling obscenities at the officers.

In the video, one man can be seen and heard saying “You ain’t even black” to one of the black deputies.

More police arrived at the scene, as more neighbors and relatives of those arrested joined the fray.

Police had to deploy a Taser on Hadley to get him into handcuffs, MLive reported.

A fourth passenger, Diamond Smith, was also arrested and charged.

The sheriff’s department said she tried to remove something from the car while the others were being arrested.

Smith refused to put down whatever she grabbed, and ignored instructions to back away from the car, WJBK reported.

On the video, she can be heard screaming that she has a baby in the car as they arrest her. Child Protective Services was called to investigate.

Herrod and Elisea-Moreno were each charged with a four-year felony of assaulting/resisting/obstructing causing injury to a police officer, according to WXYZ.

Hadley and Smith were each charged with a felony of assaulting/resisting/obstructing causing injury to a police officer.

Family members of those arrested have riled up the community, saying the police initiated the fighting.

Jonathan Hadley, Sr. said his son, who initially walked away from the deputy, was trying to get his father.

“I get woke up and the cops are beating the [expletive] out of my children,” he said.

He said his two sons and the two women arrested were victims of police brutality, and he planned to file a complaint against the sheriff’s department.

All four suspects were arraigned in the 41-B District Court in Clinton Township.

Herrod and Moreno received $10,000 cash bonds. Hadley received a $5,000 cash bond, and Smith received a $2,000 personal bond, according to the release.

The deputy who initially stopped the vehicle suffered minor injuries, including contusions to the face and knee and abrasions to his hand, Sheriff Wickersham said. He was treated at an area hospital and returned to work the following day

You can see the videos of the incident below (NOTE: No audio):

AndrewBlake - December Wed, 2017


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