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VIDEO: Female Best Buy Employee Takes Down Shoplifter Like A Boss

The determined Best Buy employee wasn't about to let a shoplifter get past her.

Waimalu, HI – Security footage captured the moment when a female Best Buy employee destroyed any hopes an attempted shoplifter may have had to escape from the store with stolen merchandise (video below).

The video, which was reportedly shot at the Best Buy store in Waimalu, quickly went viral after it was posted to Twitter by a woman who claimed to be the employee’s sister.

It had been viewed over 6.7 million times since being posted to Twitter on Tuesday evening.

The video showed the employee as she jumped in front of the store exit and took a wide stance, just as the male shoplifter charged at her with a large box in his hands.

Undeterred, she repeatedly shoved him away from the open doors, then pushed him headfirst through the frame of a nearby sign.

The wannabe thief appeared to fall to the ground before the brawl moved outside of the camera’s view, but the fight was clearly still on when another employee dragged the suspect backwards towards the exit a moment later.

By that time, the suspect had grabbed onto the female employee’s shirt. She continued to scuffle with him despite him having pulled her shirt up over her head.

Additional employees jumped into the melee, but the suspect managed to get away from them and backed out of the store emptyhanded.

He was soon confronted by the re-clothed female employee, who promptly backed him further away from the business as she motioned for him to leave the area.

The suspect appeared to heed her warning, and the employee calmly stepped back inside the store and began straightening the demolished display, the video showed.

The video gained a huge following on Twitter, including many users who wanted her to join the National Football League.

“Solid base, used her feet, finished the block with a solid pancake AND forced that defensive holding penalty @Jaguars looks like we found our new Guard!” one user declared.

“Facts, she needs to be engaging with defensive tackles at the line of scrimmage,” another commenter agreed.

While some users suggested that the employee was “getting scouted” by multiple teams, another declared that New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick was already on his way to the store to “offer her a contract.”

“The strong base, the hand usage, the toughness, playing through the whistle, even got some elbow use in there. I [stand] for this legend,” another commenter quipped.

You can watch security footage of the Best Buy employee shutting down the wannabe shoplifter in the video below:

Holly Matkin - December Wed, 2019


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