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VIDEO: Father Uses Toddler Like Baseball Bat To Beat On His Girlfriend

The video showed Techhoak Lim repeatedly slammed his son to the ground, then used the child to strike his girlfriend.

Riverside, CA – A neighbor’s home surveillance cameras captured the moment that the father of an 18-month-old boy swung his child like a “baseball bat” to beat a woman who was trying to escape his wrath (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 2 p.m. on July 5 in the Riverwalk Montecito Estates, when 27-year-old Techhoak Lim became enraged by his girlfriend, KTTV reported.

A nearby homeowner heard a loud argument outside and discovered that his surveillance camera had recorded Lim assaulting the woman, as well as his own child.

“The video shows him hitting her with the baby like a baseball bat,” Riverside Police Detective Jerilynn Czobakowski told The Press-Enterprise.

“I mean it catches your breath. It takes your breath away, and then there’s anger, and then as a mother, it gets you upset,” Det. Czobakowski said, according to KABC. “It makes you angry, you get emotional, and so that’s kind of the reaction that I had, and I’m sure the officers at the scene had.”

In the video, a woman in a white shirt was seen crouched behind a pillar as she attempted to hide from her attacker.

She momentarily stood up, flip-flops in hand, and looked over her shoulder as she sought refuge behind another pillar.

Approximately four minutes later, Lim entered the camera’s view, holding a small child in one of his arms, KTTV reported.

He waved his free arm angrily, then violently tossed his son onto the ground, the video showed.

Lim then picked his son up again, and charged at the woman, who was not the little boy’s mother, according to KTTV.

He chased her down, slammed the toddler to the ground again, then picked him back up and began swinging him at the woman, the video showed.

Lim used his son like a baseball bat, beating the woman with the child before he slammed him to the ground yet again.

As the woman ran away from the attack, Lim turned and ran in the opposite direction, leaving his beaten baby boy to toddle after him.

The homeowner turned the disturbing video over to police and posted the footage to Facebook in an effort to identify the man, KABC reported.

“He reviewed it and immediately called police,” Det. Czobakowski told The Press-Enterprise. “Thank goodness that resident called police.”

Officers canvassed the neighborhood and located Lim later the same day.

Lim told investigators that he “just lost his temper,” according to KTTV.

He was arrested on charges of domestic violence and felony child endangerment, but was released on bail the next day, KABC reported.

He is due back in court on Sep. 7.

The little boy, who was found covered in cuts and bruises, was placed in the custody of his biological mother, according to KTTV.

He was taken to a local hospital and was released a couple of days later, The Press-Enterprise reported.

You can watch the horrifying footage of the attack in the video below:

HollyMatkin - July Thu, 2018


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