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VIDEO: Family Encircles, Threatens Deputy On Call About Suicidal Woman

Forney, TX – The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) released bodycam video that showed what led up to the chaotic scene featured in a viral cell phone video after family members tried to intervene in an arrest and both mother and daughter ended up in handcuffs (video below).

The incident occurred on July 27 when a deputy responded to multiple 911 calls about a suicidal woman who was trying to get hit by a car, according to a press release posted to the sheriff’s department’s official Facebook page.

KCSO also released audio of one of the 911 calls that showed caller said the woman – later identified as 18-year-old Nekia Trigg – said she was trying to killer herself.

“There’s a lady. A young lady. An African American lady that was walking in the middle of the street and she’s trying to get run over,” the caller told the 911 operator. “And she just ran in front of somebody. I almost ran her over.”

“She said that she wants to be run over, ‘to just end my life.’ And she’s just running in the streets,” the female caller continued.

The audio showed the caller stayed on the phone with 911 and followed the woman until a Kaufman County Deputy Conner Martin arrived on the scene.

Bodycam video showed Deputy Martin approached Trigg, who was walking down the sidewalk barefoot and crying at that point, and told her he wanted to talk to her and make sure she was okay.

“Slow down and talk to me,” the deputy called out to her.

“I wanna go home, I wanna go home,” Trigg replied through tears and continued walking away from Deputy Martin.

“You’re not in trouble but you gotta stay right here, okay,” the deputy told her. “You can’t go walking off, okay? You can’t go walking off, okay.”

Bodycam showed the deputy took Trigg by the elbow with two hands, but he did not appear to have been rough with her.

“Okay, why are you hurting me?” she immediately asked.

Trigg asked if she could call her mom but continued to try and pull away.

“I don’t want you to hurt me,” the girl sobbed.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the deputy replied, and let her walk over to the grass to get her off the hot pavement.

“So we got a call that you were jumping out in front of cars…” the deputy began.

“No, I wasn’t,” Trigg sobbed.

Trigg refused to tell the deputy where she lived and then used her cell phone to call her sister and tell her the deputy was hurting her.

“I don’t want you to hurt me,” Trigg screamed over and over.

The deputy warned her that if she kept pulling away he was going to handcuff her and she began to violently resist being detained, the bodycam showed.

Deputy Martin tried to get Trigg to sit down and calm down, but the already hysterical woman started fighting the deputy and he eventually took her to the ground to detain her.

As he was taking her to the ground, the deputy’s bodycam was knocked off and landed on the ground beneath them.

The camera continued to capture the audio and cell phone video from a bystander that went viral showed what was happening at that time.

The cell phone video showed Deputy Martin on top of Trigg, straddling her in an attempt to gain control and hold her until backup arrived to assist.

KCSO explained in the press release that detailed the incident that Deputy Marin had used a “top mount” which is a control technique taught by the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s department said the move allowed the deputy to control Trigg’s lower body without hampering her breathing or either one of them getting hurt.

The bystander’s cell phone video showed family members began arriving at the scene.

A woman later identified as Trigg’s mother, Antanique Ray, stood screaming orders at the deputy and telling the girl to calm down in the video, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The video showed the deputy told the women encroaching on him to back up multiple times and they repeatedly ignored him.

KCSO said that none of the women who were trying to intervene on Trigg’s behalf knew about the girl’s behavior moments before as they tried to interfere at the scene.

“As Deputy Martin awaited assistance from other deputies to arrive, several family members came to his location, unaware of the female’s attempts to harm herself,” KSCO explained. “As the video clearly depicts, the family encircled Deputy Martin, screaming and threatening him.”

Deputies arrived and assisted Martin in handcuffing Trigg, and then they walked her toward a patrol vehicle while her family members surrounded them.

Both cell phone and bodycam videos showed the group was in the middle of the street when Ray told deputies they needed to loosen her daughter’s handcuffs.

“We’ll adjust them in a minute,” the deputy replied.

Deputy Martin told her to let go of her daughter but Ray refused and a scuffle ensued, during which the deputy’s bodycam was knocked off yet again, the Dallas Morning News reported.

KCSO said Ray was taken into custody and arrested after she struck Deputy Martin.

The sheriff’s department said Trigg was taken to a mental health facility for evaluation.

Her mother was arrested and charged with assault on a public servant, interference with public duties, and two other outstanding warrants, according to the press release.

She was released on bond, according to the Dallas Morning News.

KCSO said that Deputy Martin had been placed on paid administrative leave while an internal affairs investigation was conduct, in accordance with sheriff’s department policy.

Ray has hired notorious anti-police activist attorney Benjamin Crump to represent the family.

The mother said at a press conference after she was released that she was only trying to protect her daughter, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“When I walked up and saw the officer on my daughter, it was nothing but God that allowed me to stay as calm as I was,” Ray said. “Everything in me just went numb. My only focus was getting to my daughter.”

“I’m not crazy. I know what… the statistics are for that type of situation,” she added.

Watch the incident unfold in the bodycam and cell phone videos below. WARNING – Graphic Content and Obscene Language:

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Written by Sandy Malone


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