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VIDEO: DV Arrest & Fight With Cops Gets Live Trailer Park Narration

A woman had a trailer park meltdown over the arrest of her father.

Paris, TN – A video of officers making an arrest in Paris has gone viral after the daughter of the man being arrested posted it on social media, along with her shrieking commentary (video below).

“The girl that was acting a fool on the video was actually the victim of the warrant that was drawn,” Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew told Blue Lives Matter.

The incident occurred at about 8 p.m. on Friday when Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Waldron was conducting a routine patrol on East Washington Street, according to the police report.

Deputy Waldron spotted Frankie Walker standing in his front yard and stopped. He knew Walker had an outstanding warrant from when police had responded to a domestic violence incident at the same address a week prior.

The suspect began walking away, and the deputy ordered him to stop and not enter his house, the police report said.

But Walker disregarded the officer’s instructions and proceeded up onto the porch and towards the back door.

The suspect’s wife and his daughter stood in the yard and yelled obscenities at the deputy as he followed Walker onto the porch in an attempt to apprehend him, the police report said.

Walker then picked up a large wooden chair and began using it as a weapon to attack Deputy Waldron, according to the police report.

The deputy attempted to deploy his Taser to subdue the suspect, but the prongs struck the wooden chair instead of Walker. That made Walker even more aggressive in going after Deputy Walker with the chair, so the deputy drew his pistol, the report said.

At that point, Paris police arrived on the scene to back up the Henry County detective, and Walker made a dash through the back door, and then proceeded to hold it shut with his body.

This is when the video posted by Chelsey Walker began.

Chelsey started screaming to somebody that the Paris police department was “pulling guns, yo!”

“Get off of him now,” she ordered the deputy to release her father. “Get off!”

She then told the deputies they couldn’t go into the house without a warrant as they struggled against her father to push the door open.

Unfortunately for her, the deputies did have a warrant for her father.

“Y’all are not gonna run in my house without a search warrant,” Chelsey screamed repeatedly from behind the camera. “Get out of my house!”

In the video, police can be seen struggling in the threshold with Walker. Then the Paris PD officer deployed his Taser and successfully hit the suspect.

“Get off of him now!” Chelsey shrieked as the officers tried to subdue her father, who continued to resist arrest.

Walker was face down on the floor with his hands underneath him, and the video showed he continued to ignore commands to show his hands.

Deputy Waldron delivered several blows in an attempt to get the suspect to show his hands. His efforts were unsuccessful, so the Paris PD officer zapped Walker a second time with the Taser, the video showed.

In the video, Chelsey continued to scream about the officers having broken into her house, until one of them finally told her to shut up.

Another woman, identified as Walker’s wife Angela Pheifer in the police report, joined in the screaming at that point.

“Did you just tell her to shut up?” the woman asked, sounding aghast in the video.

“I got ya all on camera, I got ya all on camera,” Chelsey kept telling the officers as she backed away, and then ran around to the front of the house to try and capture a better video angle of her father’s arrest.

As she ran through the front yard, she screamed at the officers who were standing in front of the house.

“They’re hitting them. Y’all are hitting him. I got ya all on camera. I got all y’all on camera. Y’all some b—hes… y’all some real live b—hes, y’all all gonna lose your job,” she yelled as she ran past them and into the house through the front door.

The video ended there, but she recorded a second video that showed her father in handcuffs, being taken out to the police car.

Police called medics to check out Walker before he was transported to the jail, according to the police report.

“Kyle Waldron is an excellent deputy – he’s young and energetic,” Sheriff Belew told Blue Lives matter. “Kyle used necessary force. [Walker] was resisting, and fortunately he was taken into custody without any injury and was taken to the Henry County Jail.”

The deputy did not arrest Chelsey Walker or her mother, although it was within his discretion to do so, Sheriff Belew said.

“It’s so often you see this in domestic situations – that’s the reason they become so dangerous. In this case, the deputy is trying to act on a warrant and [the victim from the warrant] could have been very easily arrested for interfering and disorderly conduct,” he said.

He said he heard about the video, which had quickly gone viral, over the weekend and felt he needed to address it in the spirit of the department’s transparency policy.

The sheriff said that he was pleased to see the community rallying in support of Deputy Waldron in the comments on the video filmed by the suspect’s daughter.

“We are very fortunate that in Henry County the citizens really support law enforcement,” Sheriff Belew said. “Law enforcement has become such a dangerous job – you don’t know what you’re going to get into from one call to the next. And we had a very real reminder of that with Sgt. Baker recently.”

Dickson County Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Baker was murdered in the line of duty on May 30, only 90 minutes away from Henry County.

As of Monday, Walker remained in custody at the Henry County Jail, according to the sheriff.

Watch video of Walker’s arrest below. NOTE: Multiple videos, scroll down for more.

SandyMalone - June Mon, 2018


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