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VIDEO: Drunk Girl, Bryelle Marshall, Cartwheels Way Through Field Sobriety Tests

Albuquerque, NM – An impaired driver, Bryelle Marshall, was arrested after she cartwheeled her way through her field sobriety tests.


Bodycam Video Of Bryelle Marshall Cartwheeling During Field Sobriety Tests

Bryelle Marshall, 23, was found passed out behind the wheel of a car that was reported to have been driving recklessly. The officer who stopped out with her could see that she was drunk, so he decided to run her through field sobriety tests.

Many people are afraid of field sobriety tests because they think that the tests are about balance. The truth is that the tests are to see if people follow directions or do something else entirely.

This video perfectly demonstrates that concept:

Bryelle Marshall repeatedly failed to perform the simple task of facing the correct direction. After the ongoing failure of Marshall to face the correct direction, she started doing cartwheels. Her final cartwheel struck the officer, resulting in an additional charge for kicking the officer.

Marshall was arrested and charged with battery and aggravated DWI.

Feel free to share this with a friend and let them know: If you drive drunk, we’ll film you and put make you famous on the internet.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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