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VIDEO: Deranged Female Spits On Protesting Chicago Cop – Reward Offered For ID

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police has offered a reward for help finding a protester who spit on a police officer.

Chicago, IL – The Chicago police officers’ union has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of a woman who spit on a cop during a protest at City Hall on May 23 (video below).

The protester’s assault on the off-duty police officer was captured on video and showed that she aggressively approached the officer as he marched with his colleagues in protest of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pandering to anti-police critics.

Hundreds of police officers had arrived by the busload for the organized demonstration in downtown Chicago that has become known as “Blue Wednesday,” to voice their distrust of the mayor, FOX News reported.

In the video, the officer appeared to remain calm as the enraged woman rushed up into his face and screamed at him.

He continued walking, and the protester kept step with him, chewing him out the entire time. She finished her tirade by spitting on the Chicago police officer.

On Monday, the Fraternal Order of Police announced a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the woman who was filmed spitting on a cop.

President Donald Trump tweeted his support for the officers who were protesting in Chicago on May 25.

“Chicago Police have every right to legally protest against the mayor and an administration that just won’t let them do their job. The killings are at a record pace and tough police work, which Chicago will not allow, would bring things back to order fast…the killings must stop,” President Trump posted.

Thirty-eight people were shot, and nine died, in the violence over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

On May 23, off-duty officers carried signs that said “Blue Lives Matter” and “Back the Blue” and chanted “Rahm must go” and “We are CPD” as they marched around City Hall.

The demonstration was planned in direct response to the Chicago Police Board’s recent decision to put Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo on a no-pay status for a 2015 fatal shooting that had already been ruled justified by Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson, FOX News reported.

Not only was the shooting ruled justified, but the city went so far as to sue the dead suspect’s estate.

The shooting occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 26, 2015, when Officer Rialmo and his partner responded to reports of a disturbance at an apartment where Quintonio LeGrier was staying, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Jones, who lived in a downstairs apartment, opened the door for officers and directed them to an upper-floor apartment.

But as officers began climbing the stairs, LeGrier charged down at them with a baseball bat raised over his head, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office revealed, according to the Chicago Tribune.

As the officers quickly backed down the stairs and onto the front landing, Officer Rialmo fired at LeGrier, who had continued his pursuit of the officers.

LeGrier was hit by six of the eight bullets fired by Officer Rialmo.

Jones, who was standing behind LeGrier when the altercation took place, was shot once in the chest.

Jones and LeGrier both died from their gunshot wounds.

The city’s lawsuit blamed LeGrier for “negligent acts and/or omissions,” and noted that he failed to follow police commands, advanced on officers, swung the bat at police, and failed to take medication to control his mental illness, the Chicago Tribune reported.

After word of the lawsuit created political backlash, Mayor Emanuel apologized to the dead suspect’s family and called off the lawsuit.

The city’s civilian review panel then determined that the shooting was unjustified, despite the shooting having already been ruled justified.

Because of the civilian review board’s decision, the officer was placed on unpaid leave.

The mayor has failed to back officers or take any responsibility for issues involving law enforcement. A spokesperson for the mayor claimed that the hands-off approach helped build trust.

“When you have people on either side of the police reform issue criticizing, it’s a sign we’re hitting it down the middle of the fairway as we continue to build trust between officers and residents, ensure oversight and accountability, and give officers the tools and training they need to be proactive in the crime fight,” a spokesperson for the mayor told FOX News in a statement.

The FOP said the mayor has “turned his back” on his police department by worrying more about “pandering to police-hating media” and giving in to the ACLU, according to FOX News.

Chicago police have asked that everyone share this video, even if you’re not in that city, because the more the woman’s image is posted, the better chance of her being identified and arrested.

Watch the disturbed protester spitting on a police officer in the video below:

SandyMalone - May Thu, 2018


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