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VIDEO: Democratic Official Films Herself Harassing Cop For Stopping Black Person

Mary Ellen Sikes filmed herself accusing Weston police of racial profiling for towing a car with bad registration.

Weston, MA – A local Democratic party official filmed a video of herself harassing police officers in Weston as they tried to tow a vehicle with bad registration (video below).

Mary Ellen Sikes made a cell phone video of herself confronting police officers who were in the middle of conducting a traffic stop just because the people who had been pulled over were black, according to Turtleboy Sports.

Sikes, the secretary of the Weston Democratic Town Committee, shared the video on her YouTube channel on Aug. 3, with the title “Your tax dollars at work,” captioned with a rant about “white privilege.”

The video began with Sikes approaching a random traffic stop with which she has no involvement.

“Do you feel like you were pulled over for a good reason?” Sikes asked the woman standing on the side of the road beside a silver SUV.

“Yes,” the woman said first.

“Okay,” Sikes sounded disappointed in the video.

“Not a good reason at all,” the woman continued.

“Not a good reason?” Sikes perked up. “What did they tell you they pulled you over for?”

“Nothing,” the woman replied. “They just said my registration is popping up suspended.”

It is against the law to drive a vehicle with suspended registration, but that didn’t bother Sikes.

“Hey!” she called out a bright greeting to the officers who were busy dealing with the stopped vehicle.

“I’m a Weston resident and I’ve had many people of color pulled over in Weston because they’ve had less than luxury cars and things like that. And I look at her license plate and I see ’21 so is there a reason you checked her license plate?” Sikes asked the officer.

The officer told her he wasn’t the one who had made the stop but the video showed he politely explained that police can check any registration, any time, for any reason.

“Okay well I can’t help but notice that these are people of color that you put their plate in…” Sikes continued.

“Do you have any issue going on right now?” the officer who had made the traffic stop interrupted her.

“Yes I do,” Sikes replied in the video.

“Because I need you to back up. We’re conducting an investigation, you can back up,” the officer told her in the video.

“Okay,” she said but didn’t move.

“Back up on the sidewalk,” the officer ordered her in a calm voice.

“Are you the one who ran the plate?” Sikes asked. “Why is the reason you run the plate?”

“Because I run plates all day,” the officer replied with a straight face, the video showed.

“Uh huh,” Sikes replied.

“You see people who are African-American and you think they were stopped based on their color?” the officer asked Sikes in the video.

“Yes,” she replied definitively.

“I’m sorry you live life that way,” the officer told her sincerely.

Then he asked her to get back on the sidewalk and stop interfering in a police investigation for the third time.

“What are you investigating? Did you let them search your car?” she asked the people whose car was being towed.

The woman said they hadn’t given permission to search but that the officers had just told them to get out of their car because it was being towed.

“If they didn’t give you permission to search their car, you shouldn’t search their car,” Sikes informed the officer.

The first officer explained that they weren’t searching the vehicle, but rather taking an inventory of the contents because the SUV was about to be towed.

“If he didn’t have permission, he should not be doing that,” she shrieked.

The video showed Sikes continued to argue with the officer and question why they were taking an inventory.

“There’s no permission involved, it’s not a consent search,” the officer told her just as his sergeant arrived to rescue him from the increasingly hysterical woman.

“What’s going on?” the sergeant asked as he approached.

“I’m very upset because I’ve had friends of color pulled over,” Sikes told the sergeant in the video. “I think that Weston Police profile on a regular basis. Why would they run those plates? At rush hour when you’re holding up cars. And now they’re searching a car that was not given permission to be searched.”

The sergeant explained to Sikes in the video that they were required to do an inventory before towing a vehicle.

“Well, I’m unhappy that you ran the plates,” she began ranting but the sergeant quickly shut her down by re-explaining the same thing the officer had already told her.

“But all I can tell you is we can run plates for any reason we want. And you getting in the way, you’re now interfering with the police and you could get yourself in trouble,” the sergeant told Sikes.

“Well, you know, I’ve talked to the chief…” Sikes began.

“I know you have,” the sergeant replied, letting her know that he knew exactly who she was.

“I do not feel safer with you doing this,” Sikes announced.

Then the video ended as Sikes was arguing with the sergeant about whether she was in the way.

Turtleboy Sports did a deep dive on Sikes’ social media accounts and determined that it was unlikely the woman was telling the truth about having had “many people” of color that she knew pulled over because there is not a single picture of a person of color in any of her Facebook pictures.

In the process, Turtleboy Sports discovered that this is not the first time that Sikes has tried to interfere in a traffic stop on behalf of a “gentleman of color.”

Blue Lives Matter reached out to the Weston Police Department but Chief Michael Goulding was not available for comment.

Watch Sikes confront police officers in the video below:

Sandy Malone - August Mon, 2019


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