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VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Pursuit Suddenly Turn Into Gunfight As Suspects Open Fire

Dashcam video showed three robbery suspects opened fire on deputies the moment they jumped out of their vehicle.

Columbia, SC – The Richland County Sheriff’s Department released dashcam video of bank robbers trying to kill sheriff’s deputies during the final moments of a high-speech chase on Thursday (video below).

The incident began just after 11 a.m. on Thursday when two men committed a robbery at the AllSouth Federal Credit Union located at 1280 Roberts Branch Parkway, WLTX reported.

The suspects took the money and fled, but bank employees were able to give police a good description of the masked robbers and their vehicle.

Richland County Sheriff’s Captain Chris Duke and Deputy Bryan McAdams spotted the suspect vehicle moments later and gave chase, WLTX reported.

The suspects led police through the Heather Green subdivision near Longleaf Middle School and got trapped in a cul-de-sac in the residential area, dashcam video showed.

When the suspects realized they were stuck, they jumped out of their vehicle and began firing weapons at Capt. Duke and Deputy McAdams, who were still inside their patrol vehicle, WLTX reported.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said one of the guns the robbers used was a MAC-11, a subcompact machine pistol popular with drug cartels in the late 1980s.

“It’s kind of like a spray and pray, it’s not accurate at all,” Sheriff Lott explained.

“These are not just normal guns, these are instruments of death,” Sheriff Lott said. “Their intent was to kill them. We’re very fortunate that our deputies did not get killed today.”

Capt. Duke returned fire, and struck one of the men in the leg, according to WLTX.

But the men took off and ran to a second getaway car they had waiting for them and fled.

Deputies pursued the armed robbers across the county as the suspect vehicle ran civilians off the road, WLTX reported.

Finally, a pit maneuver was used to force the robbers to lose control of their vehicle and crash.

“We had to stop this chase,” Sheriff Lott told reporters.

The suspects tried to flee again on foot after the wreck but were quickly apprehended by deputies.

Authorities said that 25-year-old Devanta Boyd, 25-year-old Devin Mincey, 19-year-old Daniel Williams were arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder and bank robbery, WLTX reported.

Sheriff Lott said that Boyd had prior convictions and had been released from prison in 2014, after serving two years.

He said that Boyd was on probation when he robbed the bank, WLTX reported.

“Probation sounds nice, but do you think Mr. Boyd give a rip about being on probation when he got out here with what he was going yesterday?” Sheriff Lott asked. “These are not first-timers. They’ve been out there doing stuff.”

Investigators found the bag of stolen money and several weapons in the second getaway car, according to The State.

Sheriff Lott also said that one of the guns used by the bank robbers had been stolen during a home invasion in Lexington County after the homeowner was shot, according to WLTX.

The sheriff praised Capt. Duke and Deputy McAdams responses and called them “textbook.”

“It’s a training video,” he said. “Everything they did was picture perfect.”

He said the experience was terrifying for the deputies, WLTX reported.

“One second you’re just riding down the road, nothing’s going on, and in an instant, you’re in a high-speed chase with bank robbers… and the next, you’re being shot at,” Sheriff Lott said.

He said that both deputies were being given the mental health care that was standard after an officer-involved shooting, according to The State.

“They’re taking it about as well as you can when someone tried to kill you,” the sheriff said. “Emotionally it’s devastating when something like that happens.”

Sheriff Lott blamed the incident on the court system not keeping criminals behind bars for long enough, WLTX reported.

“We’ve got to stop feeling sorry for some of these people and put their butts where they need to be, and that’s in prison and keep ’em there,” he said. “If we don’t, we’re not going to be lucky next time.”

“They need to stay in jail, they don’t need to get out,” the sheriff said.

Watch the bank robbers open fire on deputies in the video below:

Sandy Malone - August Sun, 2019


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