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VIDEO: Crowd Fights Cop As He Tries To Make Arrest At Crash Scene

An Atlanta police officer had to fight scavengers who raided a crashed car at a crime scene.

Atlanta, GA – An Atlanta police officer had to fight a crowd of scavengers in southwest Atlanta who tried to make off with evidence from a car crash (video below).

A video taken by a witness began as an Atlanta police officer ran after the driver of a red car crashed at the corner of Joseph E. Boone Blvd. and Lanier Street.

Immediately, bystanders began advancing on the car like vultures, grabbing whatever they could get their hands on before the officer reappeared.

One man walked away from the car carrying a bag, the video showed.

That’s when the officer walked out of the woods and saw what was happening to his crime scene.

“Put that s–t down. The f–k is wrong with you?” the officer yelled at the scavengers.

The man who was carrying the stolen bag, 36-year-old Harold Barnwell, dropped it, and continued on his way, WGCL reported.

The officer opened the bag and saw that it was full of marijuana. So he ordered the man to return, the video showed.

“Matter of fact, get your ass over here,” the officer demanded, as he stormed toward the man.

The camera doesn’t follow the officer initially, but when it catches up, the officer was taking a swing at the man who had dropped the bag. The police report said Barnwell initially put his hands behind his back before he became uncooperative, WGCL reported.

That’s when the man’s mother stepped in the middle, and started to chew out the officer, the video showed.

The officer used the brief interlude to draw his Taser, and when 53-year-old Jennifer Barnwell put her hands on the officer and attempted to push him away from her son, the officer pushed back and she landed on her rear end on the concrete, the video showed.

The officer tased Barnwell, but it had no effect on the enraged man, the video showed.

Barnwell went after the officer, arms swinging, and hit him so hard that the officer lost his footing and fell to the ground on the sidewalk.

The officer popped back up and took up a fighting stance across from Barnwell, who bounced on his feet, ready to fight some more, the video showed.

That’s when the officer’s backup arrived, and several additional officers joined the fray.

Barnwell resisted arrest, and pulled another officer to the ground, causing injury to the officer in the form of a dislocated finger, WGCL reported.

Two other officers struggled with Barnwell, but eventually brought him under control and into custody, as a small crowd gathered around them screaming, the video showed.

In the background, a bystander can be heard yelling “I got ‘em on camera. Don’t worry about it, I got ‘em on camera.”

Barnwell and his mother were both arrested and charged with obstruction, WGCL reported.

When police tried to recover the bag of marijuana after they arrested Barnwell, it was gone, according to WGCL.

There was so much chaos during the altercation that somebody else simply picked it up and walked away with it.

Police have not yet identified the driver of the red car or made any other arrests, according to WGCL.

Watch the officer fight with the crash scene scavengers in the video below:

Sandy Malone - November Tue, 2019


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