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VIDEO: Cops Sued For Brutality, Now Bodycam Shows What Really Happened

Bodycam video showed that allegations made by Alton Corey in a lawsuit about excessive use of force were unfounded.

Champaign, IL – Newly released bodycam video of police arresting Alton Corey in an apartment hallway told a different story than what’s in the lawsuit he filed against the police department on May 22 (video below).

The incident occurred on Oct. 17, 2017 when Champaign police officers responded to a call about a domestic dispute a Corey’s apartment in the 1500-block of Kiler Drive, The News-Gazette reported.

Corey’s lawsuit against the Champaign Police Department claimed two officers slammed Corey into a door in his home last fall without provocation, knocking him unconscious, and then concealed their excessive use of force by charging the man with battery to a police officer, according to The News-Gazette.

The narrative was distinctly different from what was shown by the officers’ bodycam videos.

One of the bodycam videos that was released showed the victim waiting for police in stairwell of the apartment building when they arrived at about 10:45 p.m.

“I just got assaulted by the neighbor,” the woman told the officers through tears. “He’s some got really bad anger problems… He gets really drunk sometimes. He threw all my stuff in the hallway and hit me in the head.”

Champaign Police Officers William Killin and Dillon Holloway told her to stay in stairwell and went to knock on the door of the accused neighbor, the video showed.

In the video, it’s clear that Corey was angry and agitated when he opened the door.

“What? What? What the f–k?” he greeted them. Then he stepped out into the hallway to talk to them at their request, but made it clear they couldn’t go in his house.

Corey told his side of the story to the officers, yelling the entire time, the video showed.

“I don’t know what’s going on. This here ho gonna come in my house and gonna say this and say that. I said ‘Leave my house. Leave my house. Leave me alone.’ I went to the hospital to get a procedure today. I got a defibrillator,” he told them.

Officer Killin tried to say something, and Corey shut him down, yelling “No, f–k you, man!”

The man began screaming and gesturing wildly, and Officer Killin pushed him back into his apartment, but that didn’t stop Corey.

In the police report, Officer Killin wrote that Corey “batted my left arm before flailing his arms up in the air. I pushed Alton backwards to create space for my safety and told him to stay back,” The News-Gazette reported.

When Corey came back at the officers, they reached for his arms to take him into custody, the video showed.

The combined momentum propelled Corey into the door across the hall, and then down to the floor, the video showed.

In his lawsuit, Corey claimed that both officers slammed him face-first into a door, causing him to black out, after he told them they couldn’t come in – all of which was refuted by the bodycam video.

The altercation had nothing to do with telling the officers to stay out of his apartment and he never appeared to lose consciousness, the video showed.

Corey appeared awake the entire incident and was boosting himself up on his knees.

“I’m dead?” Corey asked from the floor.

“You’re not dead,” an officer responded.

“I’m dead,” Corey told them again.

“You’re not dead,” the officer told him a second time.

“Yes I am. You all paralyzed me,” Corey said.

“We didn’t paralyze you,” the officer responded as he proceeded to handcuff the man.

In the video, the officers discussed how it didn’t have to come to this.

“We didn’t mean to hit him against the door. We hit him against the wall and pulled him through. It’s on the video,” one officer said to the other.

Officer Killin shook his head and seemed frustrated that the situation had escalated, as he talked calmly to the suspect, who got worked up again quickly.

Corey launched into another expletive-filled rant and accused the officers of wanting to kill him because he’s black. He also claimed the officers were “jealous” of him because he was with a white woman, according to The News-Gazette.

“All you (expletive) white men want to do is kill a (racial epithet),” Corey screamed repeatedly, The News-Gazette reported. “… That’s all you honkies want to do.”

Corey refused to be transported in an ambulance, so Officer Holloway took him to the hospital in the back of his patrol vehicle, the police report said. No officers were injured in the incident, police said.

Champaign PD conducted an internal investigation and determined the officers’ use of force was reasonable and consistent with policy and training, The News-Gazette reported.

In the lawsuit, Corey’s attorney referred to his client as an elderly man with heart problems whom police handled with too much force.

You can see the video of the incident below:

SandyMalone - June Mon, 2018


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