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VIDEO: Cops Repeatedly Ram Suspect With Patrol Cars

Officers from a regional car theft task force stopped a carjacking suspect by hitting him with their vehicles, twice.

Baltimore, MD – A carjacking suspect was captured and arrested after officers ran into him with their cars twice on Wednesday (video below).

Police said the investigation began on Monday, after a man was carjacked on East Patapsco Avenue in south Baltimore.

“Three black males had approached him while he was inside the car. One of the males had a shiny object that he believed to be a handgun. They forced him out of the car and took the car,” Baltimore County Police Corporal Shawn Vinson told WBAL.

Members of the Regional Auto Theft Task Force spotted the stolen 2010 Acura STX on April 11, and followed it.

WBAL’s news helicopter tracked the chase by air, and captured video of what happened when the driver of the stolen car tried to make a run for it.

First, the video showed a passenger bailed out of the car as it approached and intersection. He fled on foot in the opposite direction.

The pursuit continued briefly, but then the video showed the driver stopped the stolen vehicle in the middle of the road and tried to make a run for it, too.

He tripped as he jumped out of the car, and then a police pickup truck tried to pin him against a parked car.

In the video, the suspect scrambled over the hood of the parked car and took off again, breaking away from an officer who tried to catch him.

The suspect ran away from the officer, out into the street, only to be stopped by the front end of yet another police vehicle a couple of seconds later.

The video showed the unmarked police SUV striking the suspect, who bounced up and over the hood of the vehicle, and landed in the street beside it.

The Baltimore County police officer who had been in pursuit of the suspect caught up with him immediately, and took him into custody with assistance from Baltimore police.

“These detectives were investigating people who were involved in an armed carjacking. They believed there was a possibility of a weapon being involved. This person was resisting arrest, fleeing from the officers,” Cpl. Vinson said.

Police also captured and arrested the suspect who had jumped out of the car and fled, and a woman who was in the backseat of the stolen car, WBAL reported.

Paramedics responded and checked out the man who had been hit by two different vehicles, but the suspect had not been injured.

Cpl. Vinson said that although a Baltimore County officer had made the takedown, the case and the arrest belonged to the Baltimore Police Department because the carjacking had occurred in the city.

Investigators from both police departments were working with the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office to determine if the suspects taken into custody at the scene should be charged with the carjacking on April 9.

The suspects could face armed carjacking and robbery charges, police said.

Watch two different police vehicles attempt to ram the fleeing suspect in the video below:

SandyMalone - April Thu, 2018


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