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VIDEO: Cop Smokes Two Robbers While Holding Baby

A military police sergeant shot and killed two robbery with his child tucked under one arm.

Campo Limpo Paulista, São Paulo BR – An off-duty Brazilian military police sergeant shot two robbery suspects on Saturday afternoon, and managed to hold his son in his arm throughout the entire ordeal (video below).

Sergeant Rafael Souza, a member of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion of the Capital, went to a Campo Limpo Paulista pharmacy with his wife and young son on Saturday afternoon.

According to Portal Ligação News, Sgt. Souza was holding his child while his wife spoke with the pharmacy’s clerk.

Suddenly, two armed, hooded men barged into the business and announced the robbery, Portal Ligação News reported.

Sgt. Souza said Campo Limpo resident Jefferson Alves, 24, aimed his gun at him.

Sgt. Souza later said he believed the men were going to shoot him, Portal Ligação News reported.

Sgt. Souza then drew his own weapon with his right hand, as he continued to hold his child under his left arm, and shot at Alves at close range.

The pharmacy’s surveillance camera showed Sgt. Souza shooting Alves.

Sgt. Souza then fired at Alves’s accomplice, Italo Creato, 22, as Sgt. Souza ran with his child through the store.

Sgt. Souza’s wife sought cover between rows of shelving, and reached for her son as the chaos ensued. Sgt. Souza was seen handing the baby to her just before the video ended.

Emergency medical personnel from the Campo Limpo Paulista prefecture responded, but Alves and Creato were both killed during the altercation, Portal Ligação News reported.

Sgt. Souza told investigators he shot at the suspects because he believed they would have opened fire first after Sgt. Souza identified himself as a police officer, the Independent reported.

Forensics investigators are examining weapons seized at the scene.

Watch the pharmacy’s surveillance footage of the thwarted robbery below:

HollyMatkin - November Mon, 2017


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