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VIDEO: Cop Fired For Tasing Woman Resisting Arrest After Video Goes Viral On TikTok

Loganville, GA – Gwinnett County police fired an officer Friday after a video went viral of the officer’s use of force during an arrest on Tuesday in Loganville (video below).

The incident began when police responded to Summit Creek Way at about 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 18 for a report about property damage, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The neighbor who called 911 told the officers that people had pulled up in front of her home and thrown a bottle of some kind of liquid at her car.

The police report said that the vandalism was captured on the victim’s home security cameras, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The woman told police that one of the women had threatened to “kick her son in the head” before she went back across the street to her own home.

The police report said the officer recognized one of the women – later identified as Aytra Thomas – on the porch across the street as one of the suspects in the video who had vandalized the car, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Gwinnett County Police Officer Michael Oxford wrote in the police report that Thomas was wearing the same shirt and pants as the suspect in the video.

The police report said all of the women on the porch started yelling at Officer Oxford as he approached the porch, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“The other people that were on scene with her continued to yell and scream at me, making it very difficult to speak with Aytra and further conduct my investigation,” Officer Oxford wrote.

Thomas’ daughter, 22-year-old Kyndesia Smith, got aggressive with the officer and placed herself in front of him to argue, the video showed.

Officer Oxford told Smith, who wearing a black shirt and pants in the video, to back off or he would arrest her on obstruction charges, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“I’m not going nowhere, it doesn’t matter,” Smith replied. “You’re on our property. We did not call you.”

She continued to argue with him until the officer told her she was under arrest and called for back-up on his radio, the video showed.

Then she slid behind the bench her mother was sitting on to evade the officer as he reached to try and take her into custody.

“Black Lives Matter,” somebody said off camera.

“Leave her alone,” Thomas screamed as the struggle started to up-end the bench she was sitting on with another woman.

Smith continued resisting with her mother’s assistance until Officer Oxford pulled out his Taser and pointed it in the younger woman’s direction, the video showed.

“Get on the ground, right now! Taser, Taser,” the officer said in the video as he deployed the less-lethal weapon at the angry woman.

Smith fell off the front porch and into the bushes when she was hit with the prongs.

Once she was on the ground, she continued to ignore the officer’s commands to roll over and put her hands behind her back, the video showed.

“Call the police, call the police,” somebody said off camera.

A second cell phone video from the scene showed Smith violently resisting arrest in the bushes as Officer Oxford tried to apply handcuffs.

“Don’t touch me!” Smith yelled at the officer.

The video showed the officer knelt on the suspect as he struggled to apply handcuffs.

Witnesses yelled at him to get off of her neck and repeatedly asked him if he realized what he was doing, the video showed.

Smith broke free yet again and continued to lash out at the officer wildly with her arms.

“Stop resisting right now,” the officer ordered.

“She’s not resisting,” somebody yelled from off camera as Smith resisted arrest.

And then several people renewed calls to “call the police,” the video showed.

“I then utilized [an] arm lock/leverage technique on Smith’s left arm in order to get the left arm behind her back to be handcuffed,” Officer Oxford wrote in the police report.

A third cell phone video showed Smith violently fighting being placed in the patrol vehicle by officers.

Police said she kicked Officer Oxford in the head, face, and shoulder several times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Records showed Smith was booked into the Gwinnett County jail and charged with felony obstruction and simple battery against a police officer.

She was released on $5,900 bond on Wednesday morning, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thomas has complained that Officer Oxford’s use of force against her daughter was unnecessary.

She claimed the officer was never in any danger and overreacted.

Gwinnett police officials initiated an internal affairs investigation into the incident and placed Officer Oxford on administrative duty pending the outcome, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“The police department takes all use of force seriously,” Gwinnett police Spokesman Corporal Collin Flynn said in a written statement. “All use of force cases are administratively reviewed through the chain of command. An investigation into this incident is being conducted.”

Watch the incident unfold in the videos below. WARNING – Graphic Violence and Obscene Language:

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Written by Sandy Malone


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