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VIDEO: Controversial Gym Owner Informs Cops He’s Running For Congress While In Cuffs

Cinnaminson, NJ – Police released dashcam and bodycam video from the DUI arrest of gym owner Ian Smith that showed he informed arresting officers he was a congressional candidate (video below).

Police stopped Smith on suspicious of driving under the influence on March 27 after officers spotted him weaving all over Route 130 in his lifted pickup truck in Cinnaminson, NJ.com reported.

Dashcam video showed the gym owner’s pickup truck swerving in and out of its lane and almost hitting another vehicle.

When the officers stopped Smith, he claimed that he had only had one margarita at a taco restaurant in a nearby town.

He claimed his truck might have been swerving because his lift kit on his suspension made the vehicle difficult to control, according to NJ.com.

Police administered field sobriety tests to Smith in the parking lot where he stopped.

Smith later described the drink he’d had as a double margarita, NJ.com reported.

After officers established probable cause to arrest smith, he refused to take a breath test and was arrested.

Smith argued with officers as he was taken into custody, the videos showed.

“Standing out here on a windy highway, I did not pass that test that you just gave me? You’re submitting me to balance tests, which I did,” Smith told the officer.

“You did not pass from my observation,” the officer replied.

“You’re taking me into custody and I didn’t fail anything,” Smith complained in the video. “I’m in handcuffs because of an accusation.”

Once Smith was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police vehicle, he told the officers that he was running for office, NJ.com reported.

“You know I’m a congressional candidate for this district, right?” Smith asked in the videos.

He is seeking the GOP nomination for the 3rd Congressional District.

Smith’s spokesman, Steve Kush, said the congressional candidate was not drunk when he was arrested, NJ.com reported.

Kush said Smith wasn’t drunk and his comment should not be taken out of context.

“He was angry,” Kush insisted. “People sometimes say things out of anger. He was trying to make a point that, ‘hey I’m running for congress. I wouldn’t do something so stupid as to drive drunk.’”

He attributed some of Smith paranoia later in the video to his history with local government, NJ.com reported.

Smith’s gym was fined more than $120,000 for violating pandemic restrictions and lockdown orders.

Local officials sought to shut down his business but it has since re-opened, NJ.com reported.

The video showed Smith asked the officer from the back of the police vehicle if someone had paid him to arrest him, NJ.com reported.

“You didn’t get paid to do this?” Smith asked.

“I didn’t get paid to do what?” the officer asked in the video. “I’m doing my job. I don’t know what you mean. Get paid to do what?”

“Just do your job,” Smith replied. “I don’t want to comment on it. I’m going to say something that I really… I got respect for you guys. I haven’t done anything wrong and you’re telling me I’m under arrest.”

Smith was charged with drunk driving and released, NJ.com reported.

He is scheduled to appear in Cinnaminson Municipal Court on April 14.

This was not Smith’s first arrest for drunken driving, NJ.com reported.

He was convicted of drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter in 2007 for a crash that left 19-year-old Kevin Ade dead.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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