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VIDEO: City Councilwoman Leads Protesters In Challenging Cops After Order To Disperse

Aurora, CO – An Aurora city councilwoman is under fire from her local police union after she was caught on video challenging police with other protesters during a violent demonstration on Saturday (video below).

Bodycam video footage showed the incident occurred at about 8:27 p.m. on June 27, 12 minutes after officers issued an order to disperse to a violent crowd protesting the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain in the custody of the Aurora police on Aug. 24, 2019, KDVR reported.

Shortly before police ordered the group to leave, protesters became violent and threw various dangerous items at the officers.

But despite the riotous behavior of the crowd, Aurora City Councilwoman Alison Coombs stayed front and center at the protest and refused to leave, even arguing with police, the bodycam showed.

“She was given numerous commands to move back and she refused to move,” Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 49 President Marc Sears told KDVR. “Just three minutes prior to that was when officers were taking rocks and bottles and sticks, and plastic bottles full of an unknown substance that was inside them.”

Sears said officers were trying to move the peaceful protesters elsewhere and shut down the violent ones when Coombs started causing problems.

He said he questioned her behavior when their police department needed support, KDVR reported.

Coombs had already been heavily criticized for an anti-police social media post a week earlier, KMGH reported.

“[F–k] pride. It’s wrath month,” the councilwoman wrote on June 15. “No cops, no KKK, no racist USA. All lives don’t matter until black lives matter. We’re here, we’re queer and we’re [f–king] angry for our black siblings.”

A number of community members complained to the city council about Coombs’ post and asked them to take action against her, according to KMGH.

“We’ve had multiple officers leave, retire, quit, resign, this week alone. She has no idea how awful she is making officers feel,” Sears said.

He said that Coombs hasn’t demonstrated leadership and could have been arrested for her actions at the protest, KDVR reported.

“She’s not above the law,” the union boss pointed out. “Elected official or not, she should act appropriately. And if she doesn’t agree with our actions at the time of the event, we have so many different ways you can complain.”

“If you’re a true leader, you will identify yourself and try to encourage the crowd to do what the officers are telling you to do,” he added.

Coombs defended her behavior at the protest and claimed she was arguing with police because she wanted to know what the others had done wrong to cause the order to disperse, KDVR reported.

“I was standing with my community that was — in my view — being forced off public property while exercising their First Amendment rights,” she explained.

But the police union has held firm and insisted the city council review Coombs’ actions, KDVR reported.

“I’m calling for her resignation. I want her gone,” Sears said.

“What she is doing is she is trying to sway the community. What she is not doing is educating herself and realizing how highly trained the Aurora Police Department is, one of the best police departments in the country,” he told KDVR angrily.

“We are not Minneapolis. We’re not Fort Worth. We are not New York or Los Angeles,” Sears continued. “We are the Aurora Police Department. We have probably some of the best police officers in the country.”

“We serve the community of Aurora with respect, with professionalism, and we are highly trained. We don’t care what color you are. We don’t care what race you are. We don’t care what sexual orientation you are. The KKK is a racist organization. There is nobody in the Aurora Police Department that even should be thought of being part of the KKK,” he added.

Sears pointed out the double standard in Coombs’ anti-police social media posts, KDVR reported.

“I will tell you: if a police officer, on their personal Facebook page or Instagram, made a post like that, they would immediately be in internal affairs and they could face termination,” he said.

Watch the protest in the video below:

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Sandy Malone

Managing Editor - Twitter/@SandyMalone_ - Prior to joining The Police Tribune, Sandy wrote the Politics.Net column for the Wall Street Journal and was managing editor of Campaigns & Elections magazine. More recently, she was an internationally-syndicated columnist for Conde Nast (BRIDES), The Huffington Post, and Monsters and Critics. Sandy is married to a retired police captain and former SWAT commander.

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Written by Sandy Malone


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