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VIDEO: Citizen Hero Disarms Man Robbing People On Train, Holds Him For Police

Jean-Paul LaPierre, of Boston, said he couldn't stand by while an armed robber was making his way through the train.

Chicago, IL – A good Samaritan on his way to run in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday disarmed a robber on a train and held him until police arrived (video below).

The incident began at about 5:50 a.m. on Oct. 13 when a man boarding the Blue Line train at Cumberland station noticed that most passengers appeared to be going in the wrong direction, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Chicago police said a man with a gun had boarded a train at that station and was quietly working his way through the train car robbing passengers.

“I don’t like people that strike fear in people like that,” Jean-Paul LaPierre told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I don’t like bullies.”

So LaPierre, who was in town from Boston to run in the race, jumped on the train and took matters into his own hands.

“He was very quietly robbing people,” he explained. “I went up front and said to him, give me the gun and we started fighting for the gun.”

LaPierre said he was able to pry the gun away from the robber and hold it in his right hand while he held onto the suspect with his left hand, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Another passenger on the train filmed a video of LaPierre struggling with a man later identified as 30-year-old Tremaine Anderson.

The video showed LaPierre holding the much larger man wearing a hoodie up against the train doors.

“Get down. Get down on the ground,” he yelled at the robber, but the big man would not comply with his commands.

Throughout the struggle, LaPierre maintained control of Tremaine’s weapon and eventually sought assistance to put the safety on the weapon from somebody else on the train.

“The man in front of me said he could put the safety on, so I handed him the gun and he put the safety on and walked it out of the train,” he said.

“At this point, I was alone on the train with this guy and I had no more weapon.” LaPierre told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I kept telling him if you move I’m going to knock you out. I’m going to hit you seven times in three seconds.”

“I’m a boxer, I’ll break your head with one punch,” he warned the struggling suspect and then asked someone to call the police for him.

LaPierre said that Tremaine wasn’t alone on the train and when he took the big man’s gun away, his friends began threatening him, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“They started threatening me but I just stood in his face,” he explained. “The guy kept saying to me, ‘It’s just a gun, let me go, let me go.’ I kept telling him, ‘you’re not going anywhere.’”

“It don’t matter,” the suspect said in the video.

“It matters to me,” LaPierre told Tremaine.

The good Samaritan held onto the suspect until police arrived to take him into custody at another stop, WGN reported.

At first, the big man refused to comply with police commands to flip over onto his stomach, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

So LaPierre said he jumped back into the fray and “flipped him over like a hamburger and then they cuffed him.”

And then the good Samaritan went on his way and completed his 12th Chicago Marathon.

Tremaine was arrested and charged with one felony count of robbery with a firearm, according to WGN.

He had a long history of prior arrests including attempted robbery, battery, and public indecency, so the judge ordered the suspect held without bond.

Watch video of the good Samaritan stopping the robbery in the video below:

Sandy Malone - October Wed, 2019


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