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Video: Cincinnati Bengals’ Pacman Jones Tells Officer “I Hope You Die”

Cincinnati, OH - Recently released video from an officer's dash cam shows Cincinnati Bengals player "Pacman" Adam Jones go on a vulgar rant.  

Cincinnati, OH – Recently released video from an officer’s dash cam shows Cincinnati Bengals player “Pacman” Adam Jones go on a vulgar rant. During the 20 minute video which followed an arrest for assault, Jones tells the officer, “I hope you die tomorrow.”

Officers arrested Adam Jones on January 3 after spitting on a nurse in a downtown Cincinnati entertainment area and causing a disturbance at the Millennium Hotel. Reports show he was banging on a glass door at a hotel, cursing at a doorman and poking him in the eye. Cincinnati Police responded and according to reports and video, placed a very combative Jones under arrest.

During the 20-minute dash cam video you can hear Jones yelling obscenities, including “suck my d***,” 11 times, and “f*** you, b****” at least 21 times from the backseat of the cop car. He also tells the officer “I hope you die tomorrow” after repeatedly asking the officer about his charges.

“You didn’t even hear me out before you locked me up,” Jones tells the officer. The officer replies telling ones how he was “kicking and acting ridiculous” before entering the police cruiser. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said Jones was very combative during the entire booking process and had to be restrained in a chair. He spent one night in jail and is scheduled to return to court on February 10th. The prosecutor, Joe Deters, wants to give the NFL time to hand down a consequence.

We’ve included just a clip of the video so you won’t have to endure all 20 minutes of ranting: https://youtube.com/watch?v=JQcPEgY0e7A The law firm representing Jones issued a statement yesterday after the video was released saying, “Adam Jones is deeply embarrassed and remorseful for his conduct and language after being arrested in early January Mr. Jones has the utmost respect for law-enforcement and the difficulties police encounter on a daily basis. As it relates to the allegations, and upon advice of counsel, Mr. Jones will not be commenting upon legal proceedings at this time. Mr. Jones is committed to the process of counseling and anger management, in order to ensure that such situations never occur in the future. Adam loves Cincinnati and considers it home. He sincerely apologizes to the officers, the Cincinnati Bengals organization and all the fans in Cincinnati.”

“We are very disappointed in Adam’s behavior,” the team said. “The behavior in the video is not what we expect from our players. The club is aware that Adam has put forth his own apology. However, we also offer an apology to the public and our loyal fans.” Apparently, the team forgot about the Cincinnati Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, who had to endure their players slanderous abuse and death wishes while performing their civil duties.

Bengals corner-back and Atlanta native is no stranger to police. His career has been laced with arrests and his disdain for law enforcement has continued to show each time. The arrests span the country, along with his NFL career but can trace back to as early as 2007, just two years after he was drafted.

He was arrested for conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct for a Las Vegas strip club melee. In 2012 he was arrested again for disorderly conduct at a Cincinnati bar. Then in 2013 he paid a fine for disorderly conduct after making offensive comments to an officer on a traffic stop. Later that year he was acquitted on an assault charge in Hamilton County after a woman accused him of punching her in a nightclub. The NFL suspended Jones multiple times during his career and his most recent outburst brought forth an apology from the team.

Do you think Adam Jones will get special treatment because he is an NFL player? Please let us know in the comments below.

BlueLivesMatterArchi - July Thu, 2017


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