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VIDEO: Bystanders Watch, Do Nothing As Woman Is Attacked On NYC Subway

New York, NY – A terrifying video showed a woman being assaulted on the New York City subway on Wednesday while bystanders watched and did absolutely nothing to help her (video below).

The incident occurred on May 25 and was posted to a Reddit thread about crime in the city, the Daily Dot reported.

The video began with a person screaming unintelligibly off camera and then the suspect in a white cropped hoodie and black leggings came into focus.

Other passengers paid attention and some appeared to ready themselves to move if they needed to, the video showed.

The ranting passenger sat down on a bench, close to another passenger.

Other passengers on the bench started to slide away from the suspect, and one woman got up and moved.

But when the woman with the misfortune to be sitting directly next to the ranting suspect tried to move away from them, she was attacked.

The video showed that when the woman stood up and tried to walk away, the suspect grabbed her by the hair to stop her in her tracks.

The victim didn’t give up easily and tried to step away from her attacker but the suspect yanked her by the hair and pulled her back into the seat beside them.

The terrified woman sat next to her attacker, who continued to hold her by the hair, and turned her head slightly to look at the other passengers on the train for help.

The video showed that no one on the train made a move to help the woman who was being held by her hair.

Some of the other passengers moved farther away from where the assault was occurring, but nobody tried to intervene.

The video showed that woman being held silently mouthed the words “somebody help me” in a plea to the other passengers on the subway train, but nobody reacted or stepped in.

Someone can be heard in the video softly saying a prayer as the woman sat beside her attacker, held by the hair, and afraid to move.

In the background, other passengers continued to play with or talk on their cell phones while they studiously avoided making eye contact with the mentally-unstable suspect and their victim.

After a minute, the suspect stood up, still holding the victim by her hair, the video showed.

“Get up!” the suspect screamed at the terrified woman in their grasp.

The suspect held the woman by the hair and marched her toward the end of the train, the video showed.

Then the suspect shoved the woman by the head, but let her go, before they continued their rampage throughout the rest of the train car.

“Shut the f-k up!” the suspect raged at someone as they stomped down the subway car’s aisle.

The video showed that all of the other passengers moved away from the suspect as they screamed obscenities and unintelligible things at no one in particular.

Then the suspect climbed up on one of the bench seats and began trying to kick out the window of the subway car, the video showed.

That attempt was unsuccessful and the video showed the suspect walked back to the occupied end of the subway car and sat down on a bench where another woman wearing headphones was sitting.

The video showed the suspect got up from the seat and exited the subway car a minute later when it pulled into a station.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) told the Daily Mail on Friday that they were looking into the video but had not yet received a report about the assault on the subway car.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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