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VIDEO: Bodycam Shows Emotionless Arrest Of Father Who Executed His 3 Young Sons

Monroe, OH – The Ohio father accused of lining his three sons up in the yard and executing them with a rifle was calm and appeared unconcerned as police responded to his home and took him into custody last week (video below).

The boys were just three, four, and seven years old, WXIX reported.

Bodycam footage showed Clermont County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) deputies arriving at the home on Laurel Lindal Road on June 15 shortly after the children’s 34-year-old mother called 911 and advised that her “babies had been shot,” WXIX reported.

Investigators previously said a motorist who happened to be passing by the scene also called prior to deputies’ arrival and said a juvenile girl was running down the street telling people that “her father was killing everyone.”

Two CCSO deputies – one armed with a rifle and the other with a pistol – approached the home and yelled to the suspect, 32-year-old Chad Doerman, while trying to assess the area for cover, the video showed.

Doerman had a rifle sitting beside him and completely ignored the deputies’ commands.

“Stand up! Stand the f—k up!” they ordered as they moved in.

Doerman remained seated on his front steps and didn’t move or say a word.

The little boys’ bodies were lying just feet away from him on the grass.

A deputy placed the suspect on the ground and secured him in handcuffs.

“I ain’t trying to hurt nobody,” Doerman said. “I’m completely sober. Never did drugs a day in my life.”

A woman could be heard yelling incoherently in the background.

“They’re dead, aren’t they?” she screamed at one point. “You took my life from me! My life!”

Doerman asked one of the deputies if he could roll over a few moments later, the footage showed.

“I ain’t gonna hurt ya,” he told the deputy. “I ain’t mad, I ain’t nothing.”

The deputy then asked him what was going on.

“Nothing,” he replied. “Can I stand up? It’s kind of uncomfortable.”

The deputy led the suspect away from the home and handed him off to another deputy to take to a patrol car out on the street, the video showed.

“Can you get the wallet out of my back pocket?” Doerman asked the deputy while they were walking to the car.

“You shut up, dude,” the deputy flatly responded. “You have the right to remain silent. F—kin’ use it.”

Doerman was subsequently placed into the back of the patrol SUV and has since been booked on multiple charges.

Clermont County Assistant Prosecutor David Gast revealed horrific details about the triple homicide during a hearing before Clermont County Municipal Court Judge Jason Nagel on June 16, WXIX reported.

“In an act of incomprehensible cruelty, the father that stands before you lined up his three young boys and executed them in his own home with a rifle,” the assistant prosecutor said.

One of the boys was temporarily able to get away, but Doerman allegedly “hunted that boy down, brought him back to the property and executed him in front of witnesses,” WLWT reported.

Gast said the children’s 34-year-old mother was also shot in her hand when she attempted to save her little boys by grabbing the gun Doerman was wielding.

Deputies arrived at the scene and found the three unresponsive boys lying on the ground, WXIX reported.

They immediately attempted to deliver life-saving aid until emergency medical personnel arrived, but the children were ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

The victims’ mother was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the girl whom the 911 caller saw running down the road was located and is safe, according to investigators.

Clermont County Sheriff Steve Leahy said he went to the hospital and personally met with the mother to break the news to her that her little boys did not survive, WXIX reported.

Investigators said Doerman “confessed to planning and carrying out” his sons’ murders for “several months,” according to court documents.

Doerman has been charged with three counts of aggravated murder, WLWT reported.

A motive was not immediately released.

“This is by far the most sickening, horrifying crime I have seen,” Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve said late last week, according to WXIX. “I can only imagine the terror that these little boys felt and experienced as their father… their protector was murdering them.”

“We will do our utmost within my office to see this defendant never sees the light of day again,” Tekulve added.

Doerman is being held at the Clermont County Jail on a $20 million bond, WLWT reported.
“The trauma that this man has inflicted on his family, community, law enforcement, first responders, and all the rest of us is unspeakable,” Gast told the court, according to WLWT. “The evil horror of what we know is impossible to process.”

A fundraising campaign established to help the boys’ mother in the wake of her loss has raised more than $261,000 at publication time.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. Warning – Graphic Content and Obscene Language:

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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