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VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Released From Deputy Parrish’s Murder

The Douglas County sheriff narrated a video about the shootings on New Year's Eve.

​Highlands Ranch, CO – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) released a video, with bodycam footage, on Monday that included a detailed explanation from the sheriff of what exactly happened on New Year’s Eve (video below).

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock acted as narrator for the video, which recounted the timeline of the night of the incident, and filled in a number of details that police had not previously released.

“I want to share some information with you … There’s a lot of information out there, and I’d like for you to hear from me what happened,” Sheriff Spurlock introduced the video.

He explained that DCSO deputies had responded to suspect’s apartment a few weeks before the New Year’s Eve rampage.

Deputy Zackari Parrish responded to that apartment twice on New Year’s Eve.

Deputies responded at 3 a.m. for a noise complaint, and then were called back at 5:17 a.m. a domestic disturbance that turned out to be a mental health call, Sheriff Spurlock said.

The video had audio clips of Deputy Parrish talking to the suspect out in the hall, and through the door.

On the video, deputies are heard knocking on the suspect’s door, and then there is audio of Deputy Parrish’s side of the conversation

“It’s Deputy Parrish, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.”

“Hey Matt, it’s Zack.”

“Yes, we can help you.”

“I’m with the sheriff’s office man right here, man. We can talk out here. I just want to make sure you’re okay,” Deputy Parrish continued to urge the suspect to talk to them.

In the video, a door slammed, and then you can hear deputies talking about what to do next.

“He’s going through a manic episode,” Deputy Parrish said. “We’re going to take him.”

“For what?” Another deputy asked.

“For an M1,” Deputy Parrish replied, noting a mental health response.

Deputies were planning what to do next when the suspect opened fire through his door into the officers at 5:57 a.m.

“At that point Deputy Parrish was shot and fell in the doorway,” Sheriff Spurlock said. “Taylor went out a window head first, and Mike and Jeff were also hit immediately. And they went out the front door.”

They couldn’t get back in to help Deputy Parrish because the suspect continued to shoot at them.

They rendered aid to each other while the suspect continued shooting at them from a window, the video showed.

During that time, the suspect also shot two citizens in adjoining apartment complexes, the sheriff said.

In the video, officers could be heard calling out to Deputy Parrish, but getting no response.

Ninety minutes later, Sheriff Spurlock said “a rescue mission was put into place where Zack was rescued, and in defending ourselves, we shot and killed the suspect.”

They also rescued the neighbors who had been shot.

The sheriff thanked the community “for all the love and care” and expressed condolences to Deputy Parrish’s family.

“And to Gracie, you have been and will always remain, a member of the blue family,” Sheriff Spurlock told the deputy’s wife in the video.

SandyMalone - January Mon, 2018


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