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VIDEO: Bodycam Clears Officers For Man In A Coma After Trying To Fight Cops

Prosecutors released video of a controversial arrest in New Jersey that left the suspect in a coma.

Vineland, NJ – The Cumberland County prosecutor’s office released police bodycam footage of an arrest in a hospital parking lot that left a man in a coma (video below).

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said the incident began when Vineland police officers were asked to investigate a possible “domestic incident” at Inspira Medical Center Vineland on Jan. 12, WKXW reported.

Vineland Police Officer Anthony Capelli was at the medical center on an unrelated call when he was flagged down by a hospital staff member about a domestic dispute in the hospital parking lot, the Vineland Daily Journal reported.

“He literally attacked her in the car, he took the liquor bottle, he’s all drunk, and she finally got away from him,” a female hospital employee told Officer Capelli.

The video showed William “Bill” Oslin sitting on a curb in the parking lot talking on the phone when Officer Capelli approached him.

“What is going on?” the officer asked.

“Nothing’s going on,” Oslin replied.

“What happened?” Officer Capelli

“She said he’s been drinking for nine days…” the employee told the officer in the video.

“She brought me here,” Oslin said.

“She wanted us to go into the vehicle and pull him out but we can’t go in and pull people out,” the employee said.

“I was drinking for quite a while,” Oslin began, and then told the officer that he was on the phone with a friend who was a Philadelphia cop.

“I don’t know who you are but you’re a lying bitch,” Oslin told the hospital employee who was giving the officer the background, according to the Vineland Daily Journal.

Vineland Police Officer Jeffrey Rowan arrived on the scene to back up Officer Capelli.

That’s when Oslin’s girlfriend, Brenda Munyon, pulled up on the scene in her vehicle, the Vineland Daily Journal reported.

Munyon later told the Vineland Daily Journal that she’d brought Oslin to the hospital to try to get him into a detox program.

She said she’d gone into the hospital for help getting him out of her truck and that somebody had mistaken what happened and alerted the police.

The video showed Oslin rushing toward Munyon after she arrived on the scene and being grabbed by Officer Capelli.

“Billy, stop before you get in trouble,” Munyon warned him on the video.

The video showed Officer Capelli told Oslin to “knock it off” before got himself arrested.

“Can you bring him in the hospital?” Oslin’s girlfriend asked Officer Capelli.

“We can’t make him go anywhere. We have to talk to him first,” the officer responded.

“Billy, just get the help you need,” Munyon told him, causing Oslin to become further agitated.

The video showed the officers were trying to get Munyon to walk away from Oslin when Oslin suddenly starting fighting Officer Capelli’s hold with his fists clenched.

That’s when the officer took Oslin to the ground and, with the assistance of a hospital security guard, put the man in the handcuffs.

The complaint showed Oslin was charged with obstruction of justice, WKXW reported.

The prosecutor, Webb-McRae, said the man stepped toward Munyon with his fists clenched, prompting an officer to restrain him and take him to the ground.

The video showed Oslin appeared to be unconscious after he hit the sidewalk.

In the video, Oslin was lying on the ground with blood on the pavement under his head, a cigarette clenched in his lips.

The video showed the officers tried to wake Oslin up, but the man did not appear to respond in the video.

He was transported to Cooper University Hospital for treatment.

His family told the Vineland Daily Journal that Oslin had sustained a serious head injury when the officer took him to the ground.

They said doctors performed six hours of brain surgery but that Oslin remained in a vegetative state at the hospital, WKXW reported.

Webb-McRae said in a statement that the police use-of-force was being investigated as per statewide procedures.

You can watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Sandy Malone - February Fri, 2019


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