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VIDEO: Baskin-Robbins Employee Disarms Robber, Dishes Out Whooping

A Baskin-Robbins employee disarmed a robber and kicked him several times before the suspect fled.

Seattle, WA – A serial armed robber had his knife taken away by a Baskin-Robbins employee who then kicked him repeatedly as the robber eventually fled and escaped with just $6.

The robbery was captured on surveillance video, according to KCPQ. (Video below)

In the video, the robber could be seen entering the store while carrying a bag.

He reached over the counter and tried to get at the cash register while holding the knife pointed at the two employees.

The male employee grabbed the knife from the suspect, who then appeared to give but

But the suspect returned and attempted to leap over the counter to get behind where the cash register is.

That’s when Baskin-Robbins man went to work.

While the robber tried to grab the money, Baskin-Robbins man dished out a whooping until the robber fled.

KCPQ interviewed the female employee and identified her only as “Leslie,” and stated that she didn’t want her last name revealed for safety reasons.

“As soon as I get to the counter, he grabs me by the apron and then holds his knife to my stomach and he says, ‘Open the register, give me all the money in it’ and I looked down and I’m like ‘whoa’ cause it’s just like a huge knife at my stomach and I’m just like oh my god, we’re being robbed,” Leslie said, according to KCPQ.

Myrle Carner, a retired detective who works for Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound, said the suspect wasn’t ready for the employees to fight back.

“The suspect backs up like he’s stunned, can’t believe that this just happened. Now, his weapon is gone,” Carner said, according to KCPQ. “He’s very intent on getting that money. He doesn’t care if the clerk has the knife or not.”

That robbery happened Nov. 25. Police said the suspect has robbed at least three stores since October, according to KCPQ.

The police say the same man is responsible for robberies at other Baskin-Robbins locations and a Subway restaurant, according to WHNT. Police said the robber threatened to kill the victims.

Leslie was thankful for the bravery her co-worker showed.

She called him a hero and bought him a cup and told him he was awesome and to stay like that, according to KCPQ.

Watch the video here:

Tom Gantert - December Mon, 2018


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