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VIDEO: Armed Walmart Customer Ends Man’s Shooting Spree

Police released surveillance video of a man's bizarre rampage that ended in the parking lot of the Tumwater Walmart.

Tumwater, WA – Police have released the surveillance video of the man whose shooting spree was ended by an armed customer.

The bizarre crime spree began when 44-year-old Tim Day stole his girlfriend’s gun on June 17, FOX News reported.

Investigators said Day first tried to carjack a family at a gas station in Olympia, and then shortly thereafter, wrecked his car into another car in Tumwater.

That’s when he tried to carjack two more vehicles, and actually shot through the windshield of one of them, striking a 16-year-old boy, KIRO reported.

Video from the dashcam on his mother’s Subaru showed the exact moment when Danner Barton came upon Day running down the middle of the road.

Barton slowed down as Day approached his vehicle, and then video showed Day fired his gun directly into the windshield at the terrified 16 year old.

The teen was hit in the thumb, and Day was able to steal his vehicle.

Day drove Barton’s Subaru to a nearby Walmart and headed into the store to get more ammunition, FOX News reported.

Surveillance video from inside the store showed Day running through the Walmart to the sporting goods section, pushing other customers out of his way as he went.

When he arrived at the locked case holding the boxes of ammunition, Day took aim and fired at the display case.

The video showed he helped himself to a box of ammo, took it up to the counter, and reloaded his weapon.

“He just looks so like he knows what he’s doing – which is kind of crazy,” Barton said after watching the Walmart video.

Once he’d reloaded, Day ran out of the store, pointing his weapon at customers as he went.

When he got to the parking lot, he tried to carjack another vehicle, firing at one of them and shooting its driver, Ricky Fievez, twice.

Two armed customers followed Day out of the store and went after him in the parking lot, surveillance video showed.

Surveillance video showed one of the men, Oakville Firefighter and Pastor David George, taking aim with his own weapon.

George fatally shot Day in the Walmart parking lot, effectively stopping his crime spree, the video showed.

Fievez was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment, but was left paralyzed as a result of the shooting. He remains confined to a wheelchair, KIRO reported.

His son explained his dad was “currently paralyzed from the neck down due to shrapnel in his spine.”

Authorities said Day was a convicted felon and therefore, was not supposed to have a weapon, FOX News reported.

Officials said they did not have a clear motive for Day’s crime spree; however, a police spokeswoman indicated they believed the man may have been suffering from paranoia.

Watch video of the rampage below:

Sandy Malone - October Fri, 2018


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