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VIDEO: Armed Teen Shot By Police Says He Was Reaching For Phone Next To His Gun To Call His Parents

Cottonwood Heights Police Department released video of a shooting of a teenager.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah – The Cottonwood Heights Police released body footage of a teenager who was shot by police September 3 while reaching for his pants pocket while the officer held him on the ground at gunpoint. (Video below)

The teenager was told several times to not move but still reached for his pants, which contained a gun, and was shot.

The teenager later told police he was reaching for his cell phone to call his parents

The incident started as a vehicle pursuit of the vehicle the teenager was in at about 3:10 AM.

Police said the car was being driven erratically and the driver was suspected of driving under the influence. The vehicle crashed and the teenager got out and fled as police chased him, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The pursuit ended under a bridge when the police officer pulled up next to the fleeing teen.

The officer got out of the car and yelled several times, “Drop the gun!”

The teen can be seen stopping and raising his hands. But the teenager dropped his hands as the officer yelled, “Get on the ground.” Then the teenager sat down. The officer yelled at the teenager to roll over on his stomach. The teenager rolled over onto his stomach. As the officer waited for backup, the teenager can be seen reaching down.

The officer backed off and then fired his weapon and hit the teenager.

The officer handcuffed the teen and the boy claimed he had been reaching for a phone in his pocket to call his parents. The teenager lied and told police he didn’t have a gun. Police said they found a gun and a knife on the teenager.

The officer treated the teenagers wounds and the teen was taken to the hospital and then later arrested.

The officer was placed on administrative leave after the shooting but was back to work September 27 while the investigation continued.

The department is “happy with the officer‘s decision making” and their “lifesaving attempts after the shooting to ensure the suspect survived,” Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Ryan Shosted told the newspaper.

You can see the shooting below:

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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