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VIDEO: Armed Robber Tries To Rob Store In Front Of Officer – She Lets Him Go, Doesn’t Report It

A Phoenix Police Officer is under investigation for allegedly letting an armed robber go and failing to report the crime.

Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix detectives are investigating an armed robbery of a convenience store which took place with another officer present, in full uniform, but she didn’t report the crime or call it in.

The incident occurred on August 11 at the Circle K near 35th Avenue and Thomas Road, and was captured on surveillance video, according to ABC 15.

In the video, a suspect came in while wearing a mask and armed with a knife. Surveillance video shows him taking out his knife and heading behind the counter.

The store clerk yelled to the back of the store where the Phoenix police officer was standing.  The suspect walked toward the door as the officer headed toward the front of the store.

Before the suspect walked out the door, he got into a verbal confrontation with the officer.

Witnesses told ABC 15 that the officer drew her gun with one hand while holding a bottle of water in her other hand, and made a motion with her firearm like she’s shooing away a fly.

During the exchange of words, the suspect appears to mock the officer, giving her a ‘thumbs-up’ and even taking off his mask before he walked out of the store.

The officer did not call the armed robbery in, or write a report about it.  It’s not clear at what point Phoenix PD became aware of the incident.

Other officers responded later, wrote the initial report, and began an investigation.

Police released limited clips of the video.  Phoenix Police Sergeant and spokesman Jonathan Howard said that he couldn’t comment on the investigation at this time, bud did say that the officer was working at the store as off-duty security at the time of the incident, and has been re-assigned to administrative duty during the investigation.

“The officer is under investigation because questions have been raised about her decision to not make an immediate arrest in this case,”  Sergeant Howard said to azFamily. “So there is an internal investigation that is ongoing to determine if that was the best course of action.”

Off-duty uniformed officers are specifically hired for security so that they can take law enforcement action, if needed.

“Whether the officer is working on-duty or working off-duty, the expectations are the same in that they take police enforcement action when necessary. They help somebody in the area when necessary,” Sergeant Howard continued.

If these allegations are true, then this officer is a disgrace to law enforcement and shouldn’t even be trusted to tie her own shoes, let alone work as a police officer.

The city of Phoenix has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the robbery suspect.  If anyone has information, they are urged to contact Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.

You can see video of the incident below. WARNING: May trigger overwhelming feelings of disgust.

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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