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VIDEO: Antifa Commandeers Climate Change Rally, Turns It Into Attack On Police

A group of approximately 50 Antifa members hurled rocks and other projectiles at law enforcement officers.

Portland, OR – A group of approximately 50 masked Antifa members used a climate change protest as an opportunity to attack and harass law enforcement officers (video below).

The climate change rally was one of many held across the country on Friday, including Seattle, Washington, Denver, and St. Paul, FOX News reported.

But while those demonstrations were peaceful, Antifa ensured that the one held in Portland was not.

A group of masked Antifa militants “commandeered” a portion of the demonstration, and changed the group’s chant about the climate to expletive-filled anti-police chants instead, journalist Andy Ngo told FOX News on Monday.

After the rally was over, the Antifa group converged on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility, where they proceeded to hurl rocks and other projectiles at the federal officers who were protecting the facility, Ngo said.

Video footage showed the officers as they chased a portion of the group on foot down the street.

One officer’s ammunition magazine tumbled to the ground at one point, and one of the masked suspects snatched it up.

“Put it down!” one officer roared, pointing a less-lethal weapon at the suspect.

The Antifa member immediately dropped the magazine and backed away with his hands in the air, the video showed.

Another clip showed a young, unmasked male as he stood just inches from one of the officer’s faces.

“How tall are you?” he asked the officer, who told him to back away from him.

“F–k you, pig,” the man retorted. “Shut the f–k up.”

The suspect immediately began portraying himself as a victim as a second officer rushed in.

“Stop threatening me!” he whined, as the officer marched behind him to the corner of the block.

The suspect’s bravado returned soon as the officer turned away, and he began calling the officer a “Gestapo piece of s–t,” the video showed.

“Class-traitor scumbags!” he added.

Police made multiple arrests throughout the day, Ngo told FOX News.

One of them was Jacob Jepson, who was found with a slew of tools and weapons, including brass knuckles, an expandable baton, a hammer, and two knives.

“He has a large antifa tattoo on his neck & expresses violent far-left views on social media, often including references to being armed w/a gun,” Ngo tweeted.

“What’s concerning about this to me is that this movement is able to recruit younger and younger people,” the journalist told FOX News. “I mean, any of these masked people are really children…they’ve bought in to this narrative that the police are evil and they have no hesitation in not just showing disrespect to law enforcement, but hatred and trying to actively get in the way of the arrests.”

You can watch footage of the officers’ encounter with Antifa in the video below:

Holly Matkin - September Mon, 2019


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