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VIDEO: Antifa Brings Their Hate To Texas, Chants For ‘Dead Cops,’ Get A Texas Whoopin’

Austin Antifa Protesters Assault Police, Chant For 'Dead Cops' - Get A Texas Whoopin'

Austin, Texas – About 150 Antifa descended on Austin on Saturday ready to fight “nazis” at a non-existent Dixie Freedom Rally. With no nazis present, the group turned on the police.

The Texas Confederate Militia had initially scheduled the rally for Saturday, but decided to postpone it due to backlash. Antifa either didn’t believe it was canceled or didn’t care and decided to show up anyway.

“The protestors were antagonized by this one dude who came up, I don’t know where, grabbed … the microphone, and started talking about … the police,” said Nicolas Ortiz, one of the organizers of the protest, according to KVUE.

“Saying thank you so much, you know I want to thank the police — until it kind of got out of hand. It escalated from there, people started pushing him, I walked around, got caught up in the mix.”

Antifa were upset with the person thanking the police and a fight broke out.

The rally took a specifically anti-police tone and somebody decided to attack a police officer. The officers on scene responded quickly and arrested two people.

One of the people arrested for assaulting an officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during the arrest, according to mySA.

In the video, the group can be heard chanting, “Dead cops, dead cops, dead cops,” and addition to their commonly used “Cops and Klan go and in hand.”

Despite the anti-police tone, the police worked to keep everybody safe and only arrested people who were acting violently.

“Our presence out there is for their safety,” Austin Police Commander Michael Eveleth said. “We’re not going out there against them. We’re out there to help them express their First Amendment right and to provide them a safe atmosphere.”

You can see video of the protest and arrests below. WARNING: Language.

OfficerBlue - October Thu, 2017


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