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VIDEO: American Airlines Passenger Gets Whooped By Police

Police had a prolonged fight with an American Airlines passenger on a plane

Miami, FL – Police had to deploy a Taser on an American Airlines passenger multiple times to subdue him on a flight bound for Chicago on Sunday night (video below).

The incident began on April 22 when a man on the plane, which was sitting on the tarmac waiting to depart Miami International Airport, called authorities to report another passenger who he said had fondled his girlfriend, NBC News reported.

According to American Airlines, the two men got into an altercation, and the crew asked 28-year-old Jacob Garcia to get off the plane, WLS-TV reported.

Garcia refused to deplane, and the crew called the police.

“American began the process of deplaning the entire aircraft. During that process, a physical altercation between the same two passengers took place. Once law enforcement was on the aircraft, the passenger then became combative with the officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department,” American Airlines said in a statement.

Multiple videos were posted on social media that were taken by other passengers on the airplane at the time of the incident.

The videos began after Garcia had already refused to comply with the officers’ instructions, and showed at least three police officers attempting to subdue him.

“Get him off! Get him off!” passengers were chanting as police tried to take him into custody.

Throughout the video, Garcia continued to ask police “What is the reason you’re removing me from this plane?”

“Well, you just assaulted a lady, for one,” a voice said from behind the camera in the video.

The police warned Garcia multiple times not to fight them, as they attempted to handcuff him, but the man squirmed and fought back.

Police only managed to secure one handcuff and had to deploy a Taser to assist them in subduing the irate passenger.

“Get the f**k out of here,” Garcia replied in the video, as the Taser appeared to have little effect on him.

“You’re like a little baby,” he taunted one of the officers.

Officers repeatedly tasered Garcia before it took effect and police were able to finish handcuffing him.

During the struggle, Garcia tried to reach for one of the officer’s guns, but couldn’t get it free of the holster, Miami-Dade Police Sergeant Lazaro Llerena told NBC News.

Another video taken inside the terminal showed Garcia being marched back into the gate area in handcuffs by officers, and then put onto a golf cart to be transported.

The passengers who had deplaned ahead of Garcia broke into applause for the officers as they removed the passenger who caused their flight to depart for Chicago an hour late, the video showed.

Garcia was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and charged with battery, depriving an officer of a firearm, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct, NBC News reported.

You can see a video of the fight below:

SandyMalone - April Mon, 2018


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