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VIDEO: 17 Cops Wounded In Organized Attack By Activists

Chicago, IL – Twenty-four people were arrested and 17 Chicago police officers were injured when violent rioters attacked officers with bottles, bicycles, and skateboards on Saturday and police released a video that showed exactly how it was organized (video below).

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown met with reporters on Monday morning to unravel the weekend’s chaos.

Superintendent Brown explained that there had been two separate anti-police protests in the city on Aug. 15 – one that was peaceful and one that was not.

He said the group who had planned to take over the Dan Ryan Expressway marched through city streets instead, but remained peaceful in their demonstration.

But the police superintendent said the second group was an organized mob who purposely set out to agitate the officers and provoke confrontations.

Superintendent Brown commended officers for maintaining their composure during the attack that occurred when police clashed with protesters at Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive.

“One officer was even assaulted by a man wielding a skateboard,” he said.

The superintendent pointed to a video shared by the Chicago Police Department that showed the moment the protesters began violently attacking police.

The video showed a large group of protesters gathered together facing off with a line of police officers.

Then some members of the group started putting on bright-colored ponchos that Chicago police said were used to identify the leaders of the group to the rest of the rioters.

Video showed protesters reaching in bags and passing out supplies to other protesters just before umbrellas popped up all over the crowd and then moved to the front of the group.

Antifa have used umbrellas successfully against officers on several occasions because they block the police’s view and they can be used to block less-lethal crowd control munitions.

The Chicago police video showed the protesters with umbrellas formed a line across the front of the mob as everyone else packed in tightly behind them with their arms locked.

Then the video showed one protester in a green bike helmet lunged through the line of police, starting a confrontation.

That when the mob behind the umbrellas began brawling with officers.

The video showed one man who used his skateboard to violently attack a police officer.

Police arrested 25-year-old Jeremy Johnson for the skateboard attack and charged him with felony aggravated battery.

Activists complained that police had used “kettling” tactics on protesters on Saturday to gather them into one area with no way to escape.

Superintendent Brown, who was on site during the incident, told reporters on Monday that he hadn’t seen any “kettling” happen, nor had anybody complained about it to him.

“You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts,” he told a reporter who pushed the question.

The superintendent said he saw officers take proportional action to the assault on them from the violent protesters.

He said 24 people were arrested during the mayhem and four of them have been charged with felonies.

The superintendent said that while police resources were tied up dealing with rioters over the weekend, more than 60 people were shot in Chicago.

He said five of the gunshot victims died, and four of them were children.

Then Superintendent Brown told a story about how officers likely saved the life of a child who was shot in a park on Saturday by applying a tourniquet before the ambulance arrived.

He said Chicago police officers would rather be saving children’s lives than dealing with violent activists.

The superintendent also encouraged people to go to the police department’s website and look at the videos posted to see if they could identify any of the rioters featured in them.

Police have made 11 felony looting arrests so far based on tips from community members who identified them in the videos posted by police.

“Together we are working to build a safer Chicago and I want to thank those who helped provide tips and those who marched peacefully,” Superintendent Brown said.

He also said tips from the community have helped police capture the killers of three children so far this summer.

Watch the organized mob assault police in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Violence:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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