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University Of Oxford Student Council Bans Clapping In Favor Of Jazz Hands

The University of Oxford student council passed a motion to make people use jazz hands instead of traditional clapping.

Oxford, England – The student council at the University of Oxford passed mandate to encourage people to use “silent jazz hands” at meetings and other student union events in lieu of traditional clapping so as not to “trigger” sensitive students.

The student council voted to ban clapping since “loud noises, including whooping and traditional applause, are argued to present an access issue for some disabled students who have anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity, and/or those who use hearing impairment aids,” according to The Oxford Student.

The motion called for the use of British Sign Language clapping, which is otherwise known as silent jazz hands.

Student council officers will lobby the University of Oxford to implement the same policy at all university and college level events, The Oxford Student reported.

Manchester University in England passed a similar rule in October of 2018, according to The Telegraph.

Sara Khan, a member of the Manchester student union, said the move was made because the traditional approval gesture of clapping hands was not “accessible” to all students.

The Manchester motion noted that “loud noises including whooping and traditional applause can pose an issue for students with disabilities such as anxiety or sensory issues.”

English broadcaster Piers Morgan and many others posted snarky responses to the announcement about University of Oxford’s conversation to jazz hands on Twitter.

“… re your ban on clapping to stop students with anxiety being triggered, & use of silent ‘jazz hands’ instead..,” Morgan tweeted.

“a) Performing ‘jazz hands’ is racist. b) Your new rule excludes blind people, so will make them feel marginalised. c) Grow a pair you imbeciles,” he wrote.

Tom Gantert - October Fri, 2019


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