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Trooper Who Saved Drowning Boy Breaks Into Car To Save Toddler

A Michigan trooper jumped into action when he learned that a toddler was accidentally locked in a deathly-hot vehicle.

Mottville, MI – A heroic Michigan state trooper rescued a 2-year-old girl trapped in the sweltering heat on Thursday, after the child’s mother got out of her vehicle and the doors locked behind her.

The little girl’s frantic mother quickly realized that her car keys were in her purse in the center console, and immediately called 911, Michigan State Trooper Eric Gantert told Blue Lives Matter on Monday.

Trooper Gantert previously made the news when he helped save a drowning 7-year-old boy.

State police estimated that the toddler had been trapped in the vehicle in the 90-plus degree heat for five to 10 minutes before they received the call and dispatched Trooper Gantert to the woman’s residence, WWMT reported.

“I happened to be close by, so it was the right place at the right time,” Trooper Gantert told Blue Lives Matter.

When he arrived at the residence, the little girl’s mother and grandmother were trying to keep her calm by talking to her through the closed window.

“She was covered in sweat,” Trooper Gantert recalled. Although she wasn’t crying, the baby was clearly uncomfortable and overheated, he said.

The trooper immediately instructed the little girl’s mother to stand outside the rear passenger door so she would be ready to pull the toddler from the car, then he proceeded to smash out the front driver’s side window.

“I had to really hit it, then I sort of peeled it apart,” he explained.

As soon as he could reach his hand inside, he disengaged the vehicle locks and the little girl’s mother was able to extract her from her child safety seat.

Within a minute from the time Trooper Gantert stepped out of his patrol car, the toddler was out of the vehicle and safely inside her home cooling down, he told Blue Lives Matter.

Trooper Gantert, a four-year veteran of the force, said that the little girl’s mother and grandmother were relieved and thankful that the situation ended without further harm.

“I don’t really like the attention,” he told Blue Lives Matter. “But it is important to get these good stories out there, too.”

HollyMatkin - July Wed, 2018


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