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Transgender YouTuber Arrested For Sex With 80-Year-Old Dementia-Addled Mom

Richmond, VA – Transgender YouTuber Chris Chan has been charged with incest after he was recorded telling a friend he regularly had sex with his dementia-addled, 80-year-old mother.

Chris Chan, whose legal name is Christine Weston Chandler, was arrested after a nine-minute conversation about the illicit affair was leaked, KVIA reported.

Chan, who is autistic and receives disability from the state, was the subject of a documentary by Geno Samuel that explained he was born Christopher Weston Chandler to Bob and Barbara Chandler.

He changed his name to Christian for religious reasons while he was still a child, KVIA reported.

Chan created a city named CWCville that was occupied by characters from imagination.

He created a character that is a combination of Sonic the Hedge Hog and Pikachu from Pokemon that he called “Sonichu,” according to KVIA.

Chan, now 39, has claimed he’s been aggressively stalked by Internet trolls since his 20s.

He gained Internet notoriety among 4Chan users in the early 2000s and has built up a fan base of 27,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 YouTube subscribers, the Daily Mail reported.

In 2016, Chan announced that he was she, and changed his name to Christine.

She legally changed her gender and announced that she was bisexual, the Daily Mail reported.

Chan was arrested in 2014 and charged with a Class 6 felony of “dangerous gas unlawful release” after she maced a GameStop employee who asked her to leave a store.

Albemarle General District Court filings show she pleaded it down to the much-lesser charge of misdemeanor assault, the Daily Mail reported.

Chan was given a 180-day suspended sentence and ordered to pay $514 in court costs.

Her most recent arrest stemmed from a leaked conversation during which the YouTube influencer told a friend that she had been having sex with her mother “every third night,” the Daily Mail reported.

In the recording, Chan told her friend that her mother Barbara – who has frequently appeared on her social media – had “made the first move.”

Chan allegedly said she had approached the situation with “care and caution” after long harboring sexual feelings toward her mother and dreaming about having sex with her, the Daily Mail reported.

“She was partially confused at one point, but then she came around, obviously,” she allegedly told her friend on the recorded call.

Chan described the situation as having developed a “routine” and scheduled for sex with her octogenarian mother, the Daily Mail reported.

She claimed her mother enjoyed it and said “God… said this was okay.”

Chan was arrested and booked into the Henrico County Jail on incest charges last weekend and was transferred to Greene County on Monday, the Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail reported that Chan was housed with females due to her gender identity. However, Business Insider confirmed that Chan is being classified as a male.

Authorities initially removed Chan from her mother’s home, KVIA reported.

Then she was asked to leave the home of the family member she was temporarily staying with.

Chan had been provided accommodations at the Regency Inn in Richmond before she was arrested, KVIA reported.

Internet show host Ethan Ralph of Killstream/Ralph Retort was on hand filming when the YouTuber was led to the Henrico County police car in handcuffs and 3,000 viewers watched it live.

Bail had not yet been set for the YouTuber, KVIA reported.

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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