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Those Of Us In D.C. Party Scene Agree: There Were No Rape Trains

The newest allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh contain descriptions of parties that nobody else remembers.

The three-page affidavit Julie Swetnick’s attorney posted on Twitter on Wednesday detailed how his client attended a series of wild house parties with Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge in the early 1980s.

I was a student at a Catholic girls’ school in the same private school circuit that Swetnick is describing.

And I attended many alcohol-soaked bashes with boys from Georgetown Prep, and other boys’ and girls’ schools in the area.

While I do not know Kavanaugh or Judge personally – I was a few years behind them – my friends and I had older siblings and friends who were there when Kavanaugh was at Prep, and they attended those same parties.

Every single person I’ve talked to about this has said they have never heard of anything like the vile gang rapes that Swetnick has described as standard fare at our private school house parties.

Swetnick portrayed both Kavanaugh and Judge as inebriated predators on every occasion she saw them in 1981 and 1982. And she said it was their MO to target “vulnerable” girls so they could take advantage of them.

“I also witnessed efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could be ‘gang raped’ in a side room or bedroom by a ‘train’ of numerous boys,” the affidavit read.

Then Swetnick went on to claim a “firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for a ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room.”

Finally, she revealed that at some point “in approximately 1982,” she herself became the victim of one of the organized gang rapes.

Dramatic, but it’s not a description of the party scene with which I was familiar. In fact, absolutely nothing beyond the fact that we attended wild parties and drank too much rang true to me about the allegations.

I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t some horrible secret thing that happened a few years before me, and everybody knew about it but nobody talked about it, before I wrote this.

So I reached out to several older friends (men and women) from several different private schools, who were all partying in the same social circles at the same time as Kavanaugh. And I asked if they remembered anything remotely similar happening back in the day.

Nope. Never happened, to the best of their recollection.

Many of us who attended those epic parties have read Swetnick’s accusations against Kavanaugh over and over again, looking for some clue that would help make the picture she’s drawing for us make sense. But nothing about her allegations jibes with the parties we and our siblings attended, other than the fact that everybody was drunk.

There were no designated rape rooms where involuntarily-drugged teenage girls were kept to pull a train of patiently-waiting private school boys, as Swetnick has alleged.

There’s another major detail that sticks out to those of us who actually ran with that crowd. It doesn’t make sense that a girl who graduated in 1980 was hanging out almost every weekend with a group of much younger Georgetown Prep boys (Class of 1983) for years after she had left for college.

And even if she had been the same age, there was very little crossover between the students from public and private schools in the Washington area back then, even if it isn’t politically correct to admit that.

Kavanaugh has said he has no idea who Swetnick is, and doesn’t remember ever having met her. And 60 more reputable alumni of the DC-area private schools who regularly socialized with him released a statement on Wednesday that said they had never heard of Swetnick either, and called her allegations “nonsense.”

All of that notwithstanding, if Swetnick had said that she saw this happen on one occasion, I’m sure many of us would have given her the benefit of the doubt.

But that’s not what Swetnick has said.

In her affidavit, she alleged that these gang rapes were happening all the time at private school house parties, meaning there were many, many victims. Too many victims for that sort of thing to have remained a secret, or for nobody I know who was actually in those schools at the same time to have ever heard anything about it.

There were very few bona fide secrets in the DC private school system back then, and my friends with children in it now tell me nothing has changed. If it wasn’t talked about in the carpool line, it was whispered about at the country club. Nothing was sacred.

Everybody knew who had gone to rehab, and who got caught cheating. Telephones worked just fine for gossip before the Internet. And when something went badly at a private school in the area, there was no keeping it a secret from anybody in the social circuit.

Everything we personally know about what went on at those parties makes it impossible to believe Georgetown Prep boys were making a habit of lining up to rape “vulnerable” girls every weekend and nobody saw it.

We can either believe it remained a secret for more than 35 years, or accept the likelihood that the organized gang rapes Swetnick described never actually happened.

Sandy Malone - September Thu, 2018


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