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There’s A New War On Gun Ownership, But We Can Win – Here’s How

Misinformation about guns is spreading, but we can win.

In the the anti-gun fervor following the Parkland school shooting, and the subsequent banning of gun videos on YouTube, it’s more clear than ever that there’s a new war on gun ownership.

The war on gun ownership is an information war – convince enough people that gun ownership is only for paranoid wackadoodles, and public support for gun ownership will dry up. By spreading false information and restricting access to complete and accurate information, they can control the narrative.

TL;DR – Help us launch a project to defend gun ownership. ‘Like’ The Firearm Project on mobile HERE. ‘Like’ The Firearm Project on desktop HERE.

Never before have we seen such an attack on our Constitutional Rights.

The anti-gun groups are well-positioned. Most mainstream media companies push false anti-gun information.

The internet’s second largest search engine and largest repository of firearm information, YouTube, is banning gun videos.

Groups like the NRA and GOA do a great job lobbying for our rights, but they don’t reach most Americans who are being influenced by the false portrayal of gun owners.

As gun owners are maligned, we pull back to our gun-friendly groups, and our voices don’t extend far outside of those circles, which gives an edge to the anti-gun groups.

But one thing that we learned after founding Blue Lives Matter is that we don’t need the mainstream media to get the truth out to everyday Americans; we can do this ourselves, but we have to work together.

Succeeding won’t be easy. In order to win, we need a large community and the ability to cover the operating costs of a platform. The anti-gun crowd has made funding especially difficult because most advertising networks won’t allow ads to be placed next to gun content – but we will overcome.

Due to our experience with Blue Lives Matter, we believe that we have the ability to pull this off. In order for our plan to work, we need to work together.

The first step in this project is gathering our community. If we get 100,000 likes on The Firearm Project Facebook page, we can launch the project.

Why 100k people?

We actually don’t need 100k people in order to win, we need millions. 100k people is just a small starting point. It gives us a base community that can work together and be engaged in project planning and execution. But we need to move fast, because every day we’re losing ground.

What is the goal of The Firearm Project?

We will provide information highlighting gun ownership, and extend our voice outside of the already pro-gun crowd. Fighting ignorance about firearms is the only way to stop the false portrayal of gun owners.

You’ll never convince the anti-gun extremists.

We don’t need to convince the extremists, we just need to inform everyday Americans.

‘Like’ The Firearm Project on mobile HERE.

‘Like’ The Firearm Project on desktop HERE.

Please share this article on social media and comment to help get the word out.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can do this.

OfficerBlue - March Sat, 2018


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