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Teacher Allegedly Bites Wayne County GOP Chairwoman During Rally For Tudor Dixon

Detroit, MI – A public school teacher allegedly attacked a Wayne County Republican Committee chairwoman and bit her in the arm during a recent political rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon.

“I’ve never been bit by an adult in my life, or anyone over [the age of] five,” Wayne County Republican Chair Cheryl Costantino told WXYZ.

The alleged incident occurred at Armando’s Restaurant in Southwest Detroit during the rally for Tudor Dixon on Oct. 29.

Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard was in attendance, as were Dixon and her running mate, Shane Hernandez, the Press & Guide reported.

Costantino said she was standing near the stage area during the event when she spotted a woman carrying a sign in support of Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer marching towards the stage and screaming loudly.

“She was acting so chaotic that I was worried she would go after the speakers or something or hurt somebody,” Costantino told WXYZ.

The Wayne County chair said she stepped in to try to block the protester from reaching the stage.

Costantino said she initially felt the woman push back against her, WXYZ reported.

That’s when, according to Costantino, the protester “just bent over and bit me really hard.”

“She bit me, just reached over and bit me, and it felt like she pinched me too, and she left a bruise, some little bruises and one big bruise,” Costantino told the Press & Guide. “And she was slapping all these guys, and this guy was just trying to guide her out and ask her to leave, and she refused to leave, and she kept saying, ‘I have a ticket!’”

The chairwoman said she suffered a “compression injury” to her arm due to “how hard her jaw bit” her, and showed photos of the alleged bite mark, WXYZ reported.

“When it started swelling up, I couldn’t even raise my arm, like it was even uncomfortable just to drive,” she added.

Event organizers were able to evict the rowdy protester from the premises, WXYZ reported.

A witness who said she saw the assault told the news outlet she confronted Costantino’s alleged attacker after the woman had been booted from the venue.

“I was exiting and she was still by the door and I went to her and I said, ‘You bit Cheryl’ and she said, ‘Yeah? Well?’ Like she was proud of it,” Linda Sawyer told WXYZ.

The suspect allegedly is a Dearborn Public Schools (DPS) special education teacher.

“If nonverbal and autistic children are in her care, if she would bite an adult, what would you do to a child?” asked Costantino, who is also a teacher.

The suspect’s name was not immediately released.

Police said a police report about the alleged attack was filed on Oct. 30, but that a charging decision had not been made, the Press & Guide reported.

DPS officials would not specify which school the suspect works at, WXYZ.

“The Dearborn Public Schools is in the process of conducting an investigation to gather all the facts associated with this alleged incident and determine if there were any violations of board policy,” the district said in a statement.

The suspect spoke with WXYZ via social media and denied all allegations, according to the news outlet.

She further claimed she was the one who was attacked.

Costantino said she is stunned that the woman who allegedly bit her is still working for DPS.

“I don’t understand who would trust someone like that with their children and why would a school open themselves up to liability by keeping an employee who would act like that,” she told WXYZ.

Costantino said the protester’s alleged actions were inexcusable – regardless of anyone’s political beliefs.

“It’s not worth going to jail over or getting charges brought against you,” she told WXYZ. “It’s one thing to fight for what you believe in, but not physically.”

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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