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Student Arrested For Trashing Republican Students’ Affirmative Action Bake Sale

University of Washington College Republicans protested new affirmative action policies with a bake sale.

Seattle, WA – An “affirmative action bake sale” to protest a new law that allows affirmative action policies at public universities caused controversy and a protest at University of Washington.

Washington lawmakers recently reversed a state ban on affirmative action and will now permit schools to consider race and gender in their admissions policies, The College Fix reported.

In order to highlight the problems with affirmative action, the University of Washington College Republicans held a bake sale on campus on May 2 with prices that varied based on the buyer’s race.

The bake sale drew a large crowd, according to KIRO.

Some of the baked goods had reduced prices for certain minority groups, while Asians and Caucasians were charged higher prices.

Females were given 25 cents off and everything was free for Native Americans, KIRO reported.

Social justice warriors turned up to protest the event, and one student was removed by police after she knocked a bunch of cookies to the ground.

Some campus organizations were outraged by the event.

“We are a community that values diversity, equity and inclusion of all communities. Our office is a safe and welcoming space for all underrepresented, marginalized and communities of color. We vow to be in solidarity with you and offer our space, resources, time, and care right now, tomorrow and forever,” the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center said in a statement, according to Seattle Patch.

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce released a statement in which she compared the affirmative action bake sale to slavery, “when persons in some of these groups were literally bought and sold.”

“Regardless of its intent, this sale humiliates and dehumanizes others,” Cauce wrote. “It is no surprise that so many on our campus and in our community are deeply offended by it, as am I. … Indeed, I suspect more students have been exposed to this hateful message by those who refer to it while seeking to protest or counter it.”

But affirmative action bake sales are nothing new to the protest movement that so enjoys street theater.

In 2010, John Stossel held a similar bake good sale when he was with FOX Business Network.

Stossel sold cupcakes at different prices depending on the race of the customer, according to Mediaite.

Cupcakes were $1.00 for white people, $1.50 for Asian-Americans, and only $0.50 for African-Americans and Latinos.

At the time, Stossel said he had gotten the idea from students at Bucknell University.

He said the baker sale at Bucknell had been shut down because everybody is terrified of discussing race and “universities don’t want to make people made,” according to Mediaite.

Tom Gantert - May Sat, 2019


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