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Socialists Convention Erupts Over Gendered Pronoun Use, Excessive Whispering

Clips on social media made it look like Democratic Socialists spent half of their convention complaining about triggers.

Atlanta, GA – The Democratic Socialists of America are facing bipartisan derision after video clips of their National Convention in Atlanta showed mayhem as speakers and delegates were repeatedly interrupted by complaints about whispering and pronoun misusage.

Just in case anyone in attendance thought the Democratic Socialists’ convention was going to look anything like the television spectacles created by the Democratic and Republican parties, the party of Presidential hopeful U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) quickly set them straight.

Convention organizers opened the session by reviewing some very unusual rules for attendees.

They also pointed out the safe spaces that delegates could run to if they were triggered.

As long as they weren’t wearing perfume.

“We have quiet rooms that are available – there’s a range of options of these, right?” the organizer announced from the podium. “One thing to note there. Please don’t go into that space with anything that like an aggressive scent, for instance.”

Then he went on to lecture the delegates, all of whom were presumably adults, not to use the wrong doors in and out of the convention hall, not to share pictures of their credentials on social media, and not to sneak in their friends who did not have credentials.

“And generally, try to be chill. Right? Take a deep breath,” he instructed the delegates and then waited until they had done so. “Doesn’t that feel better? Before you say anything.”

The rules took on a very conspiracy theory-like feel as the convention organizer began instructing the delegates on who they were not allowed to talk to.

“Don’t really talk to anybody who doesn’t have a credential, especially if they claim to be with the press,” he said.

He warned the attendees of “right wing infiltrators” that were in their midst.

“Don’t talk to cops, don’t talk to MAGA a–holes,” the organizer ordered them. “Don’t talk to cops if there are cops there for any reason at all. And if you do see someone talking to cops, let the marshals know.”

From the outset, the vibe in the room was different from a typical political convention for any party.

Applause were not welcomed because they could be “triggering,” so instead delegates waved jazz hands in the air to signal when they liked something that was said.

Instead of listening to speeches about public policy and debating the future of their party, some of the delegates appeared more focused on the specific words that were being used by their “comrades.”

Video clips from the conventions showed delegates continuously interrupted speakers with their complaints framed as “points of privilege,” FOX News reported.

“Ah, quick point of privilege! Quick point of personal privilege!” a man called out from the microphone staged halfway up the aisle of the auditorium when they were discussing assigned pronouns for chapter names.

“Uh, yes,” the chairwoman said, ceding the floor to him.

“Um guys, first of all, James Jackson Sacramento he/him,” the speaker introduced himself. “I just want to say, can we please keep the chatter to the minimum? I’m one of the people who’s very, very prone to sensory overload.”

Delegates could be seen waving jazz hands in the air in response to his request, according to FOX News.

“There’s a lot of whispering and chattering going on. It’s making it very difficult for me to focus,” Jackson continued. “Please, I know we’re all fresh and ready to go, but can we please just keep the chatter to a minimum? It’s affecting my ability to focus.”

“Thank you, comrade,” the chair replied and started to move back to the matter at hand.

But then she was interrupted again almost immediately by a flustered person screaming into the microphone.

“Point of personal privilege! Point of personal privilege!” the person yelled.

“Yes?” the chair asked.

“Please do not use gendered language to address everyone!” the person responded, sounding very upset.

The person was likely referring to Jackson’s use of the words “you guys” during his request that people in the audience refrain from whispering.

His request that people avoid triggering him had apparently triggered another delegate.

When things became more heated between delegates later in the day, Jackson was back at the microphone to complain that his anxiety had been triggered.

“Quick point of privilege once again! Quick point of privilege once again!” Jackson interrupted.

“Hi, James Jackson, Sacramento DSA, he/him,” he re-introduced himself. “I have already asked people to be mindful of the chatter of their comrades who are sensitive to sensory overload. And that goes double for the heckling and the hissing.”

“It is also triggering to my anxiety. Like, being comradely isn’t just for like, let’s keep things civil or whatever. It’s so people aren’t going to get triggered, and so that it doesn’t affect their performance as a delegate,” he explained.

He went on to say that other delegates’ need to express themselves was important, but not more important than his need not to be triggered.

Reason reported that the behavior of the Democratic Socialists in Atlanta was not at all unusual for the organization.

“It is not at all uncommon to see the DSA sidetracked by infighting over unreasonable requests related to language and disability status,” Robby Soave wrote in his column about the convention’s “woke one-upmanship.”

Sandy Malone - August Fri, 2019


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