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Sheriff Says He’ll Deputize Thousands To Protect Right To Bear Arms

Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins said he's prepared to deputize thousands of residents if new guns laws pass.

Culpepper County, VA – Forty-three counties in Virginia so far have voted to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuary counties and one sheriff said he would deputize thousands of residents to enforce it.

After Democrats took control of the state in the November elections, legislators declared they would move quickly to enact new gun-control legislation in the historically pro-gun state, the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

In response, local lawmakers began passing resolutions to declare themselves sanctuary counties for guns, much like liberal counties and cities have declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

The Culpepper Board of Supervisors met on Dec. 3 and adopted a resolution to make Culpepper County a “Second Amendment Constitutional County,” the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

“All my adult life, in the military and in local government, I’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution and I’ll be damned if any politician down in Richmond or anywhere else is going to get me to change my mind,” Culpepper County Supervisor and Vietnam veteran Bill Chase said at the meeting.

Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins, who was just re-elected for a third term in office, spoke to the packed room at the meeting and shared his thoughts on the matter, the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

“The right to bear arms—some believe that the Second Amendment gives us that right, when in fact it’s a God-given right,” Sheriff Jenkins said. “If you don’t believe in God, it’s a law of nature that every creature can defend their lives from threats.”

The sheriff told his county’s board of supervisors that he wouldn’t violated his oath of office by refusing to enforce any new laws that were passed, but he also explained how he planned to get around it, the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

“If the legislature decides to restrict certain weapons I feel harms our community, I will swear in thousands of auxiliary deputies in Culpeper,” he said. “There’s no limit to the number of people I can swear in.”

“Personally, I don’t think some of the bills that are proposed will pass, I don’t think we’re that far left in Virginia,” the sheriff added, according to the Culpepper Star-Exponent.

He said thousands of residents in his county already had concealed-carry permits, including for guns with normal-capacity magazines – something the Democrats believe should be outlawed.

Sheriff Jenkins quoted Founding Father Richard Henry Lee of Virginia to make his point.

“A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms,” he quoted.

The sheriff called efforts to restrict magazine size ridiculous and “insane,” and criticized lawmakers who wanted to punish everyone for the misdeeds of a few, the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

“You can create just as much harm and death in a school with an environment of an active shooter with a shotgun in five or 10 minutes as you could with most other weapons,” Sheriff Jenkins told the assembled group.

Culpepper County Supervisor Jack Frazier said he supported the sheriff’s stance and called the board’s resolution “a first step in protecting our constitutional rights,” the Culpepper Star-Exponent reported.

“I am hoping that by standing by our neighboring counties that this will send a message to our governor, legislators and the folks in Richmond that the people of Culpeper County know best as to how we can protect ourselves and our families,” Frazier said.

Frazier was the person who recommended that Culpepper County use the term Second Amendment Constitutional County to differentiate it from sanctuaries for illegal aliens, according to the Culpepper Star-Exponent.

Sandy Malone - December Fri, 2019


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