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Reporters Refuse To Help Fellow Journalist Robbed By Antifa Outside ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Event

Renton, WA – A journalist covering a “drag queen story hour” event at a local dog- and kid-friendly pub was allegedly attacked and had her cellphone stolen by Antifa militants who were acting as security for the event.

The incident occurred at the Brewmaster’s Taproom on Dec. 10, The Post Millennial reported.

A group of people was protesting the event over concerns that it is inappropriate for drag queens, biological males who dress as women and generally perform highly-sexualized burlesque-style shows, to be hosting an event for children.

A mob of about 100 Antifa militants showed up armed with umbrellas and waving transgender flags, Rebel News reported.

The Antifa group appeared to be acting as security for the event, according to the news outlet.

Rebel News reporter Katie Daviscourt told KTTH she was filming a report and B-roll of the scene outside the taproom when she was suddenly swarmed by the mob.

“I was pushing my luck – I’ll be honest – a little bit at that point. I said, ‘listen, I have no problem leaving, I have no plans to stay today. I just want to get a picture for my report and leave.’ And they’re all mobbing me with their umbrellas as I was crossing the street,” Daviscourt said in an interview with KTTH’s The Bryan Suits Show.

“And that’s when an Antifa militant came up from behind me, grabbed my arm, threw my phone to the ground, and then grabbed my phone and ran away with it,” she said.

Daviscourt said she found a KING reporter nearby and that she asked him for help so she could call police, but he refused.

“He said, ‘that’s not me. You got to figure it out yourself,’” Daviscourt told KTTH. “After he denied me, I just felt so helpless in that moment. He wouldn’t let me use his phone, mocked me, and just denied me complete basic human decency at that point. I don’t live in Renton. I don’t know the area. I was left without a phone. I was in an extremely vulnerable position.”

A KIRO reporter also refused to help her, Daviscourt told The Post Millennial.

The exchange between Daviscourt and the KING reporter was captured by independent journalist Jonathan Choe, who ultimately leant his phone to her so she could call 911 about the alleged robbery.

Daviscourt later tweeted that she was able to “deactivate and wipe” her phone after the theft.

“What an ordeal for @KatieDaviscourt. She’s ok, but mad as hell. She wanted me to get the word out since she still does not have a phone!” Choe tweeted later that night. “@RentonpdWA must find this FAR LEFT militant who robbed her. Entire region needs to stop putting up with this ANTIFA violence.”

The alleged robbery was captured by a police surveillance camera and Rebel News has requested the footage to help identify the suspect.

The news outlet said Daviscourt will have a personal security guard with her when she goes out to cover stories in the future.

Rebel News has offered a $500 reward for information leading to a positive identification of the suspect.

“Police presence actually matters, and I’ve been covering this beat since 2018,” Daviscourt told KTTH. “When there’s police on the scene, hardly any assaults or anything happens. But you know, it’s a hard beat, it’s an important beat, and Antifa, now they get to do whatever they want, because there’s no pushback from authorities. They act with impunity.”

Daviscourt said Rebel News is also hiring an attorney to help navigate the legal system as they work to bring her attacker to justice.

“It’s time to actually start pushing back and fighting against what’s happening to journalists trying to report on events here,” she told KTTH.

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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